Mr Fusion from Back to the Future Could Be Made Real

I swear, I live for the days when I see the technological achievements from my favorite science fiction movies leap from the screen and become reality. Well, if not reality, at least under development.

Today’s particular invention in mind is the Mr. Fusion from the Back to the Future film series. As you remember, this device was on the back of the now iconic DeLorean time machine when it went to the year 2015, and it had the ability to change ordinary garbage into harnessed energy. Of course, it always bothered me that the Mr. Fusion could generate 1.1 gigawatts worth of energy to travel through time, but the time machine still ran on ordinary gasoline. Must have been some deal made with the oil companies.

All joking aside, a new Brazilian project developed by the Institute of Technological Research (IPT) and the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA) is seriously working on making a real Mr. Fusion. The project hopes to inject gas heated by electrical discharges at an ultra high temperature in a turbine to decompose the garbage. Another goal of the project is to make certain it stays ecological, and that all the decomposed garbage doesn’t turn to smoke or other added waste.

Believe it or not, the use of plasma gas in other garbage-to-energy applications has had similar developments in both Japan and Germany. As for the Brazilian group, they have achieved completion of the plasma reactor, and are presently looking for sponsors to buy the turbine and have the project completed by 2008.

Personally, I think we really need to pool a lot of research and resources into making this technology a reality. Considering how Al Gore and other such environmental enthusiasts are telling us that all of our garbage is doing the planet Earth so much harm, we need to find a place to properly dispose of it.

If we all had a Mr. Fusion, then we could simply take our garbage, dump it into the Mr. Fusion, and reap the power that comes. Not only would that lower our energy bills, but also lower our garbage bills as well. And why spend any more amount of land on smelly landfills? Just shovel all that trash into a Mr. Fusion and get all the energy out of it.

Of course, even if you could get the Mr. Fusion process to work, you know that oil companies, nuclear power, electric power, and any other energy-producing company will not want we, the consumer, to have it. After all, the energy companies sell us over-priced goods and many do not give a darn about the environment. However, things tend to change, and perhaps its time our energy power, consumption, and recycling processes begin anew. That, or some deal with the oil companies will be made, just like it was in the year 2015.

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mike 6 years ago

where'd you buy this?

Jen 5 years ago

Actually it's 1.2 gigawatts and Mr. Fusion only powered the time circuits and flux capacitor, the car still needed gas to run. Maybe you should look into things before you write an article about your so called favorite sci-fi movie and don't know what you're talking about.

Durrr 5 years ago

Actually, JEN, it's 1.21 gigawatts.

And the author's point was that Mr. Fusion created an ample amount of electrical energy, so why not power the car with an electric motor?

Maybe you should look into things before you make yourself sound like a pompous idiot.

William 5 years ago

well said

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