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Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian, the former lead singer of the popular metal band, System Of A Down started his solo tour with Bitter Sweet at the Rock en Seine music festival in Paris, France. He will be ending his European tour in London, Uk on sept 3rd. His video for Empty Walls was nominated for an MVPA award in the best rock video section on August 12'th. His album, Elect The Dead sold nearly 1 million copies so far. This vissionary singer was born in Lebanon on August 21, 1967 to Armenian parents. He learned the flute at a young age and started his own software company, Ultimate Solutions in the early 90's before starting his music career. He met Daron Malakian in 1993 when they were both in the same recording studio with different bands. Serj played keyboard for a band and Daron was on lead guitar and vocals with another. They started a jam band called SOIL with Domingo Laronio on drums, Dave hakopyan on the bass, Daron on guitar, and Serj on keyboard and vocals. The band broke up and Serj and Daron formed a new band called System of a Down based on a poem Daron wrote called victims of the down, but Shavo Odadjian thought system would appeal more to fans than victims. Though originally the bands promoter and manager Odadjian joined as bassist. The groups original drummer, Ontronik "Andy" Khachaturian was replaced by John Dolmayan due to a hand injury. They released several albums until they went on hiatus in 2007. Serj started his solo carreer shortly after.

Empty Walls


Branching out from rock alternative music is getting more popular every day. One of the biggest names in alternative rock is currently Aiden. Originally from Seatle Washington, they got their name from the character in The Ring. The current members are wiL Francis (vocals), Jake Davison (drums), Nick Wiggins (bass), and Angel Ibarra (guitar). wiL originally played bass but replaced the original vocalist. Aiden's first album, Our gang's Dark Oath, was released by dead teenager record company was recorded while Jake Davison and Angel Ibarra were still in high school. In 2005 they signed a contract with Victory Records and released their second album, Nightmare Anatomy. On Haloween Oct, 06 they released their Ep/DVD titled Rain In Hell featuring the acoustic song silent eyes, and the opening track, A Candlelight Intro. This showed their ever broadening styles. In August 21'st, 2007 they released their third album, Conviction.

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Kid Rock Tour Dates

If you're a Kid Rock fan than you're in luck. Kid Rock is making is rounds across america and he could be stopping near you. He's starting his tour on September 5th at Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY. On Sept 6th he will be playing at Rock Jam in Grand Junction, CO. On 9/9 he will be making an appearance at yhe Star Theatre in Spokane WA, then the Puyallup Fair in Puyallup WA. The rest of the dates are listed below.

9/12/08 Columbia Meadows in Saint Helens, Oregon

9/13/08 Konocti Harbor Resort & Spa, Kelsyville, California

9/16/08 Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California

9/17/08 Pala Casino in Pala, California

9/19/08 Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California

9/20/08 The Pearl at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada

9/23/08 Casino Del Sol in Tuscon, Arizona

9/25/08 Gibson Ampitheatre in Universal City, California

9/27/08 Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada

9/29/08 Dodge Theatre in Pheonix Arizona

Tickets begin selling on August 29th, 2008.

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Live in Arizonaperforming for CMTPosin in front of a concert tent
Live in Arizona
Live in Arizona
performing for CMT
performing for CMT
Posin in front of a concert tent
Posin in front of a concert tent

All Summer Long video, By Kid Rock

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