Mythical Beast


In myths and legends there are many strange creatures.But they did not really exsist.Some of the mythical beasts are dragon ,unicorns,centaurs,winged horse and sphinx.The most famour mythical beast is dragon .its a fire breathing creature .In most stories these creatures are portraued as monsters. But in chinese stories they are friendly mythical beast .Unicorns -- Revered for centuries as one of the most magical of all creatures, the unicorn is perhaps best known for its healing qualities. The touch of a Unicorn will cure disease and purify liquids.The unicorn is a beautiful make belive creature with a single long horn in the center of its forehead.Its body is white and its head is sometimes read and it always has blue eyes .unicorn horns are said to have healing power.  

Human Animal

This picture bellow was taken near the Safaniya beach in the eastern Province. Aramco Security and Industrial Security Force (ISF) are debating as to whether to issue a warning, close the beach or do nothing and assist in manpower control. Investigation resulted that there are more than 3,500 of kind of human-animal in Tanajib area. It is 25 since last time it was seen in Tanajib area. Watch out this image it has human body up to hip and animal part after that, amazing isn’t it.

Human Animal
Human Animal

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Lgali profile image

Lgali 8 years ago

nice article

belle 7 years ago

i thinks it's purely CG....and besides it looks like mummified already

christian 7 years ago

that is basically a feji mermaid someone took the lower part of a croc and the upper half of a monkey stuffed them and sowed them together

Stacey 7 years ago

OMG! that is sooooo weird !!

Halifax Hater 6 years ago

Discusting realy if that was real I would sell it on ebay and make a proffet

Adildj_4u@yahoo 6 years ago


sumone 6 years ago

WTF??? this is creepy if its real???

SUMANT 6 years ago

if its real then there should be more about them..........if not then its a real fake

TheClever1 6 years ago

OMG this is so fake.....its not even authentic....just look at the description! google it u'll find the same description everywhere.

Great 6 years ago

WTF!is that which scientist team research this project..

Amsale 6 years ago

Please tell me it isn't real.........

M. Usman Shakir 6 years ago

Hmmm Seems a real fake but not sure see this link for more info:

Chinthaka 6 years ago

I can't believe this.

PaperNotes profile image

PaperNotes 6 years ago

Unbelievable! Is that last photo real? I have a feeling it is not.

Gloom 4 years ago

fake, if it was real we would heard about it in media.

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