Rosacea Natural Cures

Rosacea Natural Cures



Rosacea is the skin blemish that affects an estimate of fourteen million North Americans.

However, what is it exactly?

Well, it’s a skin condition mainly seen around the eyes, face and upper body area. Redness and inflammation are the main components of the skin disease. The condition affects both races but almost three times more in women. The condition if not stabilized, usually results in the swelling of the face and especially the nose.


The condition known as the ‘curse of the Celts’ by individuals in the British Isle affects adults between the ages of 30 and 50 years of age. Nevertheless, individuals of all ages with various types of skin can suffer from Rosacea.


The primary issue with the skin condition known as Rosacea is the emotional and social effect it can bring. Self-esteem in most cases is the major consequence of the skin condition and can even be more hurtful than the physical effects.


Topical, metranidazole, oral antibiotics and compounds like sufacetamide, azeliec and sulfur acid are just some of the Rosacea treatments available. Nonetheless, the result of using these products may not be the best method to follow.

So, are hurtful products really necessary?

Are there other alternatives?

The natural cure you’ve been looking for is found in the fluid secreted by snails. The extract from the slow-witted creature is a medically proven remedy not just for Rosacea but for various skin treatments. Proven difference between natural treatments and treatments which include antibiotics is the antibacterial glycoprotein element that produces a humoral defense factor. Whereas antibiotic remedies usually create a resistance to bacteria, making the treatment a more difficult one to follow?

The defensive mechanism that snails leave behind is the substance that allows them to protect and regenerate their own skin when affected by infections. Fortunately, that same substance is very compatible with human skin and acts as a biological activator of damaged/dead and the renewal of healthy cells.

The most important factor of this natural liquid is its effective relief without side effects. Natural products are the best way to clear any skin blemish you may have and are the only elements we MUST insert in our bodies.

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Mike 8 years ago

Nice Hub! Really Informative.

Michael Figueroa profile image

Michael Figueroa 8 years ago from Texas

Great article, I know a lot of people with rosacea, i'll spread the word.

Thanks pal!

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