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Who doesn't love the great outdoors. The refreshing hikes, exciting nature scenes, cool night air while looking up at the stars, toasted marshmellows, and FISH.

I dont.....and I'll tell you why!

Best Friends Forever

Carol Lynn always loved nature, animals, and the environment. So she decided to set up a camping trip for her family. She, her husband, and their three children went to a nearby park, intent on relishing the great outdoors.

There was a large pond near their campsite. Her 6 year old little girl went to explore around the pond, and her two boys went to go fishing with their dad.

While setting up the tent, Kaily approached her with a baby frog.

"Isn't he cute Kaily? We should love all creatures, big or small. Now put him into the nearest place with water, he is probably very scared."

"Okie dokey mommy" Kaily replied.

Later that night while drinking the soup Carol Lynn had been making all afternoon, she asked everyone what they did today. Her sons talked about being bored while fishing, and she asked Kaily what she did.

"Kaily found a baby frog today, didnt you Kaily? She's so good with animals. Kaily where did you put your friend?

Kaily then pointed at the boiling pot of soup, and smiled sweetly.

Nature Quiz

- What's green, small, and slimy?

A baby frog

- What's fast, brown, and has horns?

A deer

- What's small, fat, and has quills?

A porcupine

- What's vicious, protective of her young, and has brown hair?

My mother

Baby Rabbits

Kellie and her little brother Sam went hiking one day in their private trail. While coming back, they spotted on the path small white fluffballs. The wriggling babies were baby rabbits, squirming, and pawing over each other.

Kellie was delighted, and she brought the baby rabbits home. Sam was very excited about them, he was 6 and thought he was a big boy now. Kellie gave Sam the two baby rabbits and instructed him to put them someplace warm.

Sam nodded and left. It was a cold day outside so Kellie turned up the thermostat. To her chagrin, a burning smell was coming from the basement furnace.

She found Sam eating a cookie in his room, and asked him where he put the rabbits. He said "They're very warm now"

"What do you mean" Kellie asked

"I put them in the furnace" Sam replied

Waste Not

- Those rednecks down our road are deplorable aren't they?

- Yes they sure are, I'm sick of them always wearing those old country bumpkin clothes, tired of their rude children, and they're so wasteful!

- What do they waste?

- All the roadkill of course! Wasting all of that good, prime meat.

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