Next Generation of Atom Chipsets Almost Complete In Intel Labs

As things were getting boring in the Netbook competetion,we get a report that   Asus, GigaByte, and Acer are getting ready to sell Netbooks with latest Atom   processor of Intel.The N280 chip will substitute the current N270 and will be   using a newer graphics chipset the GN40.Obviously we’re looking at seeing products   with the new chip in place somewhere between the end of Q2 and the beginning of   Q3.  This was available to be gandered during CES 2009.  Intel executive Sean Maloney, said that more powerful microprocessors and high-speed WiMAX wireless networks will bring about a new era of internet on mobile devices.  During the inaugral speech at Computex,the worldwide technology trade expo,Sean Maloney also reveiled new Intel 4 series chipsets that make high-definition (HD) images on a desktop computer screen look more realistic.  Lets hope AMD will come back to its old fame as a phoenix and give intel a tough competion,so that user will benefit from lowe priced hardware.


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