No Child Left Behind RANT!

No Child Left Behind RANT!

The decision by the Bush administration to implement the No Child Left Behind Act was by far and away the last step in the end of the United States domination of education and higher learning in the world order.

By expecting every child to receive the same education, all the act did was put students who should not be in higher learning classes with students who should, and it put students who should be higher in classes into lower levels to accommodate lower skilled students. It is time to realize that all students are not created equal.

In the last three decades the American student has gone from number one in the world to number 25 and here are some of the reasons why:

1) 60 is a passing grade This is an absolute joke and accepted by education administrators and parents nationwide. Why should 60 be a passing grade? Because average is OK, it should not be. Average means that by doing some work only average you should get paid as much as someone doing it perfectly. Not in this real world.

In most jobs if you do average work you don’t have a job. If we learn welding in school and only weld a car 60% would anyone drive it? NO! If we learn biology in school and only solve a bacteria problem 60% is anyone safe? NO! If we learn cooking in school and only cook chicken 60% someone dies!!! Who in the world thinks this grade is passing. I can tell you who. Lazy administrators and parents who don’t hold student’s responsible and state agencies who only want passing grades to get more funding. Shame on all of you.

2) The students themselves. Kids nowadays get life handed to them on a silver platter and they have no work ethics whatsoever. They get a failing grade and the parents call complaining and blame the teachers. How in the world is it the teachers fault when a student fails and the rest of the class does not. It is not the teachers fault unless they are not doing a good job and this is generally not the case. Teachers are monitored quite often to guarantee they are following lesson plans and Department of education regulations so it is generally not their fault when students fail. Parents need to stop passing the buck and put the kid’s responsibility for grades in the kids and parents hands.

3) All inclusion classes; by far and away one of the biggest disasters in education. This basically means that a student who is less proficient stays in the same classes, gets the same lessons and is expected to do the same work as a gifted student. It is trying to say that all students are created equal. In what education world has this ever been the case? NONE!!!!.

It is an unfortunate but true realty people seem to have forgotten, not all of us are created the same. Not all of us are as smart or gifted as the next. Hey parents, get over it. Reality is a tough but necessary pill to swallow. When a teacher has to explain something five times to a few students who don’t get a lesson that is too advanced for them the rest of class sits at a standstill not being able to proceed. These five students should be in a lower level class that goes slower and then when they get done they can go on. Gifted students should not be forced to slow down but should be allowed to excel.

This same rule applies to allowing students of poor English learning into classes and expecting them to succeed. They should be made to know the language before being allowed in English speaking classes, this is not racism it is reality.

Millions of dollars are being spent to educate students into speaking English when they made the choice to be here. They should follow rules of English first, school next. In no other country in this world can we as English speaking Americans go and be taught a foreign language on their dollar and then we get a degree or diploma. We learn their language first and then we get an education.

The same applies here that when a teacher has to spend 40-50% of their time re-teaching the same lessons because it was not understood in English then the English speaking students suffer. Separate them from the non English speakers and let them excel. This worked for the history of our country and now some liberal freaks are letting everyone get away with anything and it is costing us millions in wasted dollars. The needs of the many gifted are not being met to allow the few less gifted to pass without any effort.

4) Parents think that if their child passes, all is well. It is not; stop making excuses for your children, pull your heads out of your asses and stop being so lazy. You bore these children and when they become difficult, which they all do, you bail out and give in to their spoiled expectations. You only fight for them to pass high school, you don’t fight with them or help them to get better grades and when the going gets tough all you do is blame the schools and not your kids or yourselves. Wake up.

When a teacher has a problem with a misbehaved child, all too often when the parent is called they seem to turn it around and blame the teacher. Believe me as an educator for over fifteen years, if I have to call a parent to discuss behavioral issues than it was necessary because it was the student who has no respect not the teacher. It is time for all of us to realize that the way to further education and bringing back America is to put more weight into education and less into defending the rights of students who do no work, expect to succeed and bring down the American pride in education.

It is time for tough love so to speak and telling the truth that some students don’t belong with others. Not every one belongs in honors and not everyone wants to be there but we are supposed to teach all these kids the same. It can’t be done. If someone does not pass a grade they should repeat it and deal with it, especially the parents. Nowadays kids are pushed through the system and when they get into advanced grades they can’t even read a ruler. This is pathetic and happens in every school every day of the year.

With testing such as MCAS in mass and all the other states we are teaching to a test and kids are given multiple times and considerations to special needs to pass these tests. If they can’t pass then stay back try again. What is wrong with teaching reality and disappointment? Not everyone makes the A team and it will never be that way so why try to make it that way?

Administrators wake up and see the light.

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Kevin 7 years ago

In Ireland the passing grade is 45%

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