Non Shedding Cat Breeds

What are the Non Shedding Cat Breeds?

If you are interested in non shedding cat breeds because you would like to have a cat as a pet but are not interested in having to follow them around cleaning up cat fur, then there are a few different breeds that you can choose from.

Non Shedding Cat Breeds

Non Shedding Cat Breeds
Non Shedding Cat Breeds

Non Shedding Cat Breeds

When it comes to non shedding cat breeds, one of the most popular is the Cornix Rex. They are definitely very unique looking cats because they do not have any fur at all, or at least their coat is so short that it is almost as though they have none at all.

The coat is incredibly close to the body and soft to the touch, prompting comparisons to cut velvet, rabbit fur or silk. This breed of cat also has a very distinctive head and body type, featuring rather large ears which are set high on a smaller egg-shaped head. They have very high cheekbones and hollow cheeks, and a body with an arched back and very long, fine legs.

In terms of personality they are very mild-mannered pets, and they are extremely affectionate and people-oriented. They have a very elegant appearance but are always friendly and even great with children. It is important to remember however that although this is one of the most popular non shedding cat breeds, and because it does not shed, it is still not necessarily hypoallergenic.

Therefore if you have allergies to cat fur your allergies still may be irritated by the Cornix Rex cat even though they barely have any fur at all.

Another of the most popular non shedding cat breeds is the Devon Rex. Similar to the Cornix Rex, this breed of cat has a body that is suited in a coat of loose waves and curls, unusual features that decorate a breed whose personality and friendliness are as unique as the package that they come in.

It is definitely one of the favored cat breeds, and they tend to average anywhere from six to nine pounds. The coat varies greatly from one cat to another, and can range from an almost shaggy mop of loose curls to a thin almost suede-like coat in others that may even leave some of their areas nearly bare.

Having a pet cat that does not shed can be truly divine, as not only are they better for people with allergies but as well they do not mess up your house with clumps of fur.

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jalene 4 years ago

ok... as a side note... it is frustrating trying to look up cat breeds that don't shed and every page I have been on says there are several or a few different breeds to choose from and then only mention two. Also.. if you are going to have an article about nonshedding cats it would seem logical to have a picture of one of the cats you are highlighting in the article. The cat pictured here looks nothing like the two mentioned in the article. (I realize my comments are "harsh" sounding, but I am a straight shooter and get to the point. No judgment... just some feedback.)

Daniella 4 years ago

i love the cat cool cat

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