A Day In The Life Of An Overweight Football Fan

While America is facing economic pressures, it's citizen are facing other pressures. More specifically, the pressure of carrying extra weight around each day. What are the reasons many Americans are overweight? Simply look at the American lifestyle. Let's take a look at a day in the life of John Doe.

John gets up @ 6:30 in the morning, does his business in the bathroom, prepares for his day, gets in his car and heads to work. On the way, he stops at a fast food drive-in for the "super duper breakfast special" and consumes it on his way.

John has just ingested a whopping 1500 calories to start the day! That in itself is too many calories, considering that your body usually burns about 2500 calories daily. So already, John has consumed more than half of the daily recommended calories.

When he gets to work (he's a computer sales representative), he parks in the company parking lot and takes an elevator to his ninth floor cubical. John drinks 3 coffees (light and sweet) in the morning. Let's say each coffee is 100 calories. Now he's consumed 1800 calories.

By 12:00, he is ready for lunch. He and some of his co-workers go for Chinese takeout. Add another 750 calories. The total grows to 2550. John has reached the suggested caloric intake for the entire day, and he's only been awake for 6 hours!

After that lunch, John is feeling sluggish and distracted, and I wonder why? By 3:00 pm he has a snack for that "sugar rush" to get him through the rest of the work day.

Finally, the day is over and John rushes home. On his way, he stops at the pizza parlor and orders a plain pizza and a 32 ounce bottle of diet soda "to go". When he gets home, he devours 3 slices at 200 calories each, giving him a total of 3150 calories. Hey thank goodness he bought that diet soda - boy that should help!

After dinner, John goes to the living room, sits in the recliner, snoozes for an hour and then realizes it's Monday, and that means Monday Night Football is on. He calls his friends to come over and hang out. Tom, Dick and Harry arrive with a case of beer, a bucket of chicken, potato chips and pretzels. By 11:00 o'clock John is wiped out and kicks his friends out so he can go to sleep.

Let's say for argument sake, he has some munchies and a few beers for an additional 1000 calories (I think I'm being generous here - it's probably more like 2000). That is a total of 4150 calories, almost double the recommend allowance.

This routine occurs every Saturday and Sunday during football season (and Monday nights). By the end of the season, he as gained ten pounds. This added weight makes him feel less energetic and more lethargic.

By the way, this is not a tall tale, it is based on my own habits that I was able to get over. I did it by making a lifestyle change that included a plan to eat foods that sped up my metabolism and burn fat. I also started walking daily.

This weight loss approach worked for me. It didn't happen overnight, but I eventually lost a total of twenty pounds in three months - and I've kept it off.

There are many different weight loss and diet plans out there, but which one should you choose?






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