Pay Per Play False Claims

The Launch has Created a lot of Attention

The Launch of Pay Per Play is trying to take the Internet by Storm but it has become evident that many proclaimed smart marketers have failed to do due diligence before getting behind this one.

One of the biggest misnomers in their launch material is that they claim to already have advertisers on board and when you click to hear audio ads from "actual advertisers" you hear the names of Harley Davidson, HBO (Taxicab Confessions 6), Taco Bell and Burger King.

All of these ads are in the same voice and do not depict actual purchased advertising the biggest give away with out verifying directly with the alleged actual advertisers (which has been done) is the Taxi Cab Confessions 6 Advertisement.

Taxicab Confessions 6 was released by HBO in 1999 six years before the formation of voice2page. If HBO were going to spend money to advertise a product they would not dig up bones to spend ad dollars on and would not advertise a program that they are not currently airing.

This alone should give pause to all of the claims that have been made by Pay Per Play and force smart marketers to take a harder look.

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kenny 8 years ago

They are not even supposed to pay out until Feb. so how could you have been owed money?

Stop the Abuse profile image

Stop the Abuse 8 years ago Author

Kenny they had an affiliate program prior to this. Not PayPerPlay but voice2page,which is handling the money for payperplay, and they did not pay many affiliates for their efforts.

I wish you luck with it but the company, voice2page, has had problems running an affiliate program before.

zigen 8 years ago

How much they owe you?

Paul Rushing 8 years ago

In affiliate commisions several thousand. Instead they offered refunds to the former affiliates. However they have not even performed as they should. Many affiliate have yet to get refunds

fr0gman profile image

fr0gman 8 years ago

Post proof please.

Stop the Abuse profile image

Stop the Abuse 8 years ago Author

Here is a link to my "affiliate downline" under the old program.

The screen shot was take in December of '07. I joined as an affiliate in June of 06. Affiliate downline alone the commisions were valued around $1000 not to mention the ad on sales commision.

At one time I have several people paying for the product for ebay promotions. I still have the mailing list.

Guess how many checks I got??

WiseMan 8 years ago

You're full of shit. They just started in OCtober 2007 and launched in Feb 2008 so how the hell you could've gotten any checks.

Stop the Abuse profile image

Stop the Abuse 8 years ago Author

Wise Old Fool

You have no idea of what you speak the original affiliate program for Voice2page and NetAudioAds was started in the summer of 2006. Latter killed off by Sam Deeb and Larry Host without ever issuing a single affiliate a payment....

Pay per play is bs 8 years ago

Look i have to agree with stop the abuse

I signed up under their old program post to blog audio program did a few sales and nothing

at the time I thought it was a great concept then.

Thenm I got a nemai lout of the blue saying new oenrs blah blah and the ywer launching a new program with a different way of earning income from 100 percent of my visitors so like A sucker I signed up

and got other to sign up I have several hundred websites in my downline not including my own sometimes check my site and have heard ads palying yet top date fro mthe thousands of ads played net audio has credited me with a whopping

19 cents including my downline ad plays.

Some of my sites are under the 100k mark for alexa one gets over 3000 uniques a day and yet I have a whole 19 cents for what wa promise to be 100 eprcent of my traffic

is looking like 0.001 of my traffic.

Pay per play blows.

mxyzplk 8 years ago

so thats why I dont even get a cent from 2056 hits??

blabla-ppp 8 years ago

a lot of bla bla with ppp, 6 cents commission earned so far in 4 weeks, hundreds of their own ads trying to recruit paying customers, hardly any 3rd party ads, that will make you some decent money-their "help" forums also a lot of bla bla - they should work getting you some paid ads instead of b/s-itting affiliates on their forums - very disappointed with ppp - be aware and better keep your hands off!

PPP Blogger 8 years ago

Things are going downhill fast with members screaming for their paychecks. The latest promise from Larry Host was "in several days" but that was a week ago. Catch up on the latest happenings as they unfold at: and ForGetAudioAds !!

Fr0gman 7 years ago

Isn't it just amazing that me and Paul Rushing predicted the demise of this program after the first false start. When you look at the criminal background of Larry Host it is not surprising that this project never got off the ground and that they fleeced affiliates.

I can tell you you that I am totally stoked by the failure of this program. Karma is a bitch!

Seed of Opportunity 7 years ago

When I heard about PPP, I thought the idea sounded great, but doing my due diligence has uncovered the obviously ugly truth about this particular program.

However, the seeds of opportunity lie in every adversity.

~~~ There is always a way, you just have to find it! ~~~

The idea sounds good enough to work, although these guys obviously didn't get it right. I have some ideas for variations on this concept that might just work :-D

There is certainly money in online advertising (consider the success of CPA) although the real test is conversions for the advertisers. Given some creative ideas and appropriate testing, I think we could see a viable alternative in future.

Anybody care to collaborate with me on such a solution?

If so, just contact me and tell me how you think you can contribute to such a project ... then we can discuss the possibilities.

Shoestring Getaways 7 years ago

So are there any good audio type advertising companies out there? Seems like a great way to go

Ash 6 years ago

i have just made an account on pay per play but when i start to login to my account they say that either my my id or my password is not working do u think they are gonna charge me anything? please help me

Free FLV Movies Player 6 years ago

My friend tell me too about PPP was down. Is that true?

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