PayPerPlay's Great Cash Grab

Will this be the first of many?

PayPePlay has started a cash grab by trying to charge affiliates $59 to set up redirection from a domain or to iframe in affiliate links.

What is amazing is they are telling people that it cost nothing to join and they will teach you to promote it for free, but are trying to market over priced services in a back end marketing scheme. Maybe this is an Isolated incident but it seem doubtful to me.

While it has been admitted to me by the founder if it is a bust he will just move on, but what is he getting in return? A huge marketing list!! While that may be beneficial for many but ther eare ethics associated with marketing to people even other Internet Marketers.

Don't over charge people to do something they could do themselves. The right thing to do would of been to put together a two or three page tutorial on how to forward a domain if people with to mask their affiliate urls and could of gone one step further and showed them how to set up an iframe on a hosting account and then people would of had something for their money that could do more than promote Pay Per Play - NetAudioAds and Voice2Page. For the same or less money than what they are charging for this.

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