Perfection is infinite

Perfection is infinite


In statistical analysis of any experimental out come of result it is never shown as 100% accuracy. There is always scope for improvement in our work. Perhaps this realization in Man dawned since time immemorial. Man has constantly strived to adjust to changing surroundings through his innovations and improvements. Eventually we are on a path, which has no perfect end (100% end) as it keeps extending into changing surroundings. In other words perfection is an continuously extending goal providing opportunity for improvements and innovations. Success of result is blending in totality with given or prevailing circumstances or situations. This is what I understand. Perfection is at infinite distance and never reachable while success in totality is result achievable. Various institutions and business houses are consciously or unconsciously adopting this philosophy.

Osho's following statement seems very apt :

"The perfectionist is bound to be a neurotic, he cannot enjoy life, until he is perfect. And perfection as such never happens, it is not in the nature of things. Totality is possible, perfection is not possible."

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ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

Simple enough and basically just an exercise in logic.

I like it.

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