Persian Cat Breeders

What To Look For In Persian Cat Breeders

Persian cats are one of the most sought after breeds of cats. This is most likely because of their beautiful and regal appearance along with the many different colors that they come in. These cats are so sought after that there are many Persian cat breeders in the United States of America and the world. The demand for these beautiful animals has sparked intense need which many Persian cat breeders are scrambling to fill.

Due to the high demand, many kitten mills have sprouted to produce inferior quality cats. Not all Persian cat breeders are reputable and you need to be aware that kitten mills can be a cruel place for cats. Some Persian cat breeders do not consider the health of the female cat that produces the kittens and in most cases; they are over used and constantly pregnant. This can take a toll on the female and also on the health of the kittens as well.

Kitten mills also use related breeding pairs which means that the gene pool is over used and can produce deformities or abnormalities in the offspring. Related offspring and parents can also result to internal abnormalities which are not evident to the naked eye.

Persian Cat Breeders

Persian Cat Breeders
Persian Cat Breeders

Better Persian Cat Breeders

If you wish to buy a Persian cat, it is best to buy from reputable breeders or adopt an adult from a shelter. Most shelters have already done tests on the animals in their care and they usually recommend healthy and well adjusted cats for adoption. If you wish to get a kitten from Persian cat breeders, you must consider some factors when considering the breeder.

Make sure that the Persian cat breeders you are talking to know their cats and are not just random breeders that operate kitten mills. It is sad to say that most kittens from less than reputable pet shops may come from kitten mills. It is better to buy from Persian cat breeders that are recommended by friends or really have breeding business.

All responsible breeders of animals must also have love for their animals. This will be evident in the way they handle the animals that they are selling and their care for them. Their passion for the cat breed will show along with their pride when they show the kittens.

Look at the condition of the parents or mother of the litter to see her condition. Some disreputable Persian cat breeders do not care much for the mother and let her condition slide. It is best to ask to see the mom before any purchase.

Searching for the right Persian cat breeders to consider when you buy a kitten may be difficult especially if you wish to settle for cats that are produce from cat farms. Some Persian cat breeders sell their cats at high prices compared to those from the cat farms but you are guaranteed of a pedigree and good health when you buy from reputable Persian cat breeders.

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