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Child Physiotherapy | Physiotheraphy for Childrens

The specialised Children's / Paediatric Physiotherapy Clinic assists in assessing, treating and managing children who have a general developmental delay, disorder of movement or a disability or illness which may be improved, controlled or alleviated by physiotherapeutic skills.

Our main areas of work:

  • Child Development Unit - assessments and treatment of usually pre-school age children.

Key Responsibilities

  • To encourage each child to fully develop his/her potential so that maximum function is achieved and the effect of the disability is minimised
  • Assessment and treatment of referred children, ensuring informed consent of the child’s parent/carers
  • Provision of assessment findings to the referrer
  • Input into Statement of Special Educational Needs
  • Assessment, advice and provision of orthotics (measuring feet for splints anfd other aids), seating and other

For Direct Consultation, please drop into :

Gokulam Child Health and Rehabilitation Services

#120/1, Periyar Pathai, Mullai Street

Choolaimedu, Chennai - 600094

Mobile: (91) 9444 954 394

More Info:


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