Politics scares the crap out of me.

Where is Von Helsing when you need him?

Hillary is flat out refusing to go gentle, or any other way, into that good night. Rumor has it that Bill is considering teaching her the fabled secret of how to be an unkillable politician. Its like being a vampire, only worse. Where is Von Helsing when you need him? I think driving a stake thru her heart is the only thing that would work. I just saw a photo of her on the internet that is terrifying. I am trying to find out what disease or drug abuse would cause her face to go all miss-shapen like that. Beyond Fugly.

OBama is scary like a sleeper cell terrorist. Stealth scary. A little effeminate too. Has a wife, haven't seen her. She doesn't wear a berka, so thats a good sign. Claims to have used drugs. I don't know if I buy that. It sounds a little like the nerdy kid claiming to have had sex, but you know he hasn't?

The polls are showing Obama surging, Hillary nose diving and the GOP candidates pretty much self-destructing. Fred Thompson is quiet, but moving on. I kind of like him as a candidate. Actors know how to work in front of a camera. They are also better at handling their mistresses than politicians. Anyone ever hear about the freaky stuff Humphrey Bogart used to do on the set?


My point, exactly.

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Bittermac 8 years ago from Manhattan Beach, CA Author

General rant and floating opinion. Don't try to read too much into it. Sorry you didn't like it.

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