Potty Training Your Cat

Tips For Potty Training Your Cat

If you’ve just gotten a brand new kitten, then you’re probably wondering how to go about potty training your cat. Don’t worry this is not a difficult process. As a general rule, most mother cats will potty train their kittens before they are completely weaned. If this is your case, then you will have a much easier time potty training your cat. If not you can still have your cat trained to use a litter box within just a day or two. Just follow the simple steps below, and soon you’ll have a litter box to clean instead of the floor.

Potty Training Your Cat

Potty Training Your Cat
Potty Training Your Cat

Potty Training Basics

The first thing you will need to do before potty training your cat, is to buy a litter box that is suitable for a kitten. A good litter box should be made of hard plastic, and should have a low enough lip on it that your small kitten can still get inside. If you are unable to find a litter box that has a low enough lip for you kitten, it is recommended that you place a phone book beside the litter box, for your kitten to use as a stool.

The second most important part of potty training your cat is that litter you choose. There are two basic types of cat litter – clumping and non-clumping. Both types are equally effective, and it is entirely up to you, which one you use. We preferred the clumping type of cat litter, as it was much easier to keep the litter box clean. But the choice is up to you which to use when potty training your cat.

Fill the litter box you have chosen for potty training your cat with about two inches of sand. Or, if the litter box is not high enough for two inches, a good rule of thumb is to fill the litter box about a third of the way full with cat litter. Also be sure that you have a good, quality scoop to use for cleaning out the clumps of soiled litter and feces. These scoops are typically sold right next to the litter boxes in most stores.

The last step to potty training your cat is to be sure to place your kitten inside the litter box directly after he or she has eaten. This is typically when most kittens will need to use the bathroom, and so is the best time to show them where to go. It is recommended by the experts that you take and lightly scratch the surface of the sand the first couple of times you place your kitten in the box. Since cats will naturally dig and cover their waste in the wild this is usually enough to get their instincts to kick in when you are potty training your cat.

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