Potty Training a Dog Tips

Have you ever potty trained a child? Well, potty training a dog is a lot like that. It takes lots of patience, tasty treats and a huge effort on your part. Read on for some tips then check the links for some great tips on potty training a dog.


Potty Training a Dog

When potty training a dog, take him outside every hour and always right after he eats or drinks.  Also take him out as early as you can each morning and as late as you can each night.   Watch him closely and as soon as you see him do his business, praise him and give him a treat.  You have to do this immediately so he catches on that going outside is a good thing that brings him rewards.  If he has an accident inside try to catch him in the process and tell him “NO” in a stern voice and take him outside right away.  Even though you might be upset that he just peed on your floor you still have to praise him when he finishes his business outside. 


Once your dog is potty trained he will usually scratch at the door to let you know he needs to go out or just simply sit by the door and wait for you to notice.

Ring a Bell to Go Outside

A friend of mine trained her dog to ring a bell that hung on the back door every time he had to go outside.  That way no matter what room of the house she was in she could hear the bell and know her dog had to go outside. To do this she hung a set of Christmas bells on her back door.  When her dog was a puppy she only took her dog out that door to let him outside. Before they went out she rang the bell.  The dog then learned to ring the bell when he had to go out.

Doggie Door for Potty Training

Another option for after your dog has been potty trained is install a doggie door so your dog can let itself out.  To teach your dog to use the door, help your dog walk through it every time you take him out.  Soon he will catch on and do it himself.  Don’t forget to teach your dog to come inside that way also.  Dogs are very smart, but sometime they need a little help.  Doggie door kits are available at many hardware and pet stores.


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