Prayer or Good Deeds

Prayer or Good Deeds which one goes to heaven.

Day in, day out I am with these two people as my colleague and my boss. Questions come to my mind that made me confused about prayer or doing good deeds.

My Boss is a person that prays a lot, who even gives pray over, read religious articles, books from famous Pastors and even bible everyday. What made me question is that the way he deal with people. He is a person who thinks he is somewhat powerful and had so many connections from government offices or departments, he is too proud and thinks of money all the time, doesn’t care he hurt anybody as long as that is his opinion and he always thinks he is always right.

On the other hand my colleague who doesn’t know how to pray or not even a single prayer he memorizes, who doesn’t know the name of the apostles and disciples of Jesus and who is not known that he is a religious person. But I can see that he is a down to earth man in which his foot is always on the ground (I know he is richer than my boss in terms of financial assets), who is afraid to tell a lie and afraid that he can hurt anybody.

Which of these two people goes to heaven? Which of these I can say a good man. a powerful prayer? or a good doer.

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