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Hi guys!

I just joined this Hub thing so I could get a start on some knitting blogs, etc. I don't have that much to post right now because of freshly new I am to this thing but promise to get more things on here as time progress's. Right now, I have started writing a book, lets see if that goes anywhere or just ends up as a heap of unfinished work like so many others.  I have also started knitting a pair of legwarmers for my 18 month old daughter. I looked everywhere for patterns with no such cute ones were found anyway. I started the project a couple days ago and am finishing the second one right now. As soon as I am done with it, I will be sure to put up the pattern as well as the outcome of it. It's looking cute right now, i can't wait to put them on her. Well that's it for now, like I said before, I will be putting more things up, I just got started. I'm sorry I don;t have more things to post.


My new hair and new peircing
My new hair and new peircing

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goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

Good luck with everything. This is a good place for contacts, not that anyone contacts me. Seriously though, I'm sure you'll find many other people to help with ideas or to review yours.

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binkier1109 8 years ago from California, South Carolina Author

Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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