Protect yourself from Snatchers

How to Protect yourself from Snatchers, Pickpockets and Robbers

Avoid carrying large amount of cash or valuables. These may boost your ego but they also multiply your chances of being robbed.

Avoid walking alone, especially at night unless absolutely necessary.

Stay near at people but stay away from drunks and groups of suspicious- looking people who could be threats to dignity, life and personal property. If you pass by them, ignore them.

Stay in well lighted areas and routes with uninterrupted pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The risk of being caught by mob and or being identified in lighted places deters most would be robbers.

Avoid dark alleys, bushy pathways, shortcuts through parks with lush shrubbery, vacant lots and other deserted places.

Don’t wander alone from the crowd at picnics or outings. Stay within calling distance.

Make a mental counting of the contents of your bag and wallet to identify them if you are robbed and the police catch him and recover your personal effects.

Try to have presence of mind and remember the description of the thief when victimized. This way, you can help the police catch him and recover your valuables.

Avoid putting your handbag on counters when shopping. Doing so will invite thieves.

Keep your bag close to your body while inside cinema houses, churches, shopping centers and markets as well as when walking in crowded areas. This will discourage snatchers, pickpockets and bag-slassers.

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