Protecting Yourself from Swindlers

How to Protect Yourself from Swindlers

  1. Beware of street swindlers on the lookout for deals. Remember that there are no things as “double your money” ventures.
  2. Don’t be lured to a friendly game of gambling by people who have just be friended you.
  3. don’t trust people, especially those whom you barely know who promise you easy income but require you to withdraw your money from the bank. Remember that money does not grow on trees for easy picking.
  4. Don’t buy jewelry or goods at a cheap price from a stranger. Buy only from reputable stores.
  5. Don’t be conned or sweet-talked into removing your earnings or other valuables for safekeeping. Chances are you will soon lose them to con men.
  6. don’t extend credit to people whom you don’t personally know and trust.
  7. Instruct your house help to contact you or any member of the family whenever he or she receives a phone call that you or any member of the family met accident and valuables have to be brought to a place designated by the caller. This could be a ruse to get your money and valuables.
  8. Don’t trust any phone calls or text messages that you win in a raffle in which you did not even remember joining and you have to send money to them for processing or for them to be able to send your prizes.
  9. don’t trust chat mates or phone pals that they promise to visit you in your country and last minute before he goes to the airport his show money is not enough and you have to send him and he will just repay you when you meet.

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mae anniversario 7 years ago

Esmeralda Evangelista made me believe that she was an honest person. I entrusted her with 2 million worth of jewelries. And she disappeared after 6 months of dealings

Ms. Gift Checks 6 years ago

She must be the same ESMERALDA NADORA EVANGELISTA who ran away with SM Gift Checks amounting to more than 1.5 Million Pesos. But I do not have to talk about it because we have an on-going case in court.

She is often seen in MACAPAGAL and MAKATI AREAS and Metrowalk, Pasig hanging around with a promiscuous long-haired man who is obviously much younger than her. Rumors say this boytoy had been milking her for all he can to sustain his high finance life.

She has also ran away with more than .5MILLION pesos Coop Money of a reputable bank in Manila and the people she has victimized were mostly hand-to-mouth earners.


Thank you for opening up a blogsite about this Esmer Nadora Evangelista, aka "Neneng". I asked her to sell some jewelries in Bangko Sentral because she claimed to have friends the like of some rich directors. At first she started bringing in good business so I started trusting her with more expensive jewelries.

Then suddenly, she started coming up with excuses of not being able to remit on time like her customers waiting for withheld salaries. So I had no choice but to take her word for it. Until she started ignoring my textes and not returning my calls. Then when I went to her house, the maid would always say she was still out with Kuya John and they would be coming home 2am.

So to cut the story short, she has gone into hiding - she swindled me collections amounting to 870,000.00. She's a horrible woman.

She would always come to my house with a younger man who had long hair and was always in white T-shirt. Obviously they were lovers by the way she looked and talked to him. I heard from some of my friends that she had been thrown in jail a couple of times in NBI and some local precints.

I wish there was a way to inform or warn other potential victims of this horrible woman. She would charm her way into big transactions then run away once she has collected a huge amount of money from her poor victims.

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