My Pigeons - Violet

Violet is only 5 months old but is the most precious bird in the world, to me.

She has not yet had a race but is starting to training. These photos are for her racing profile for when she starts.

Many people tell me that I should put her into a beauty contest, and yes I think about it. I just don't do those kinda contests. The people make me sick and are very rude.

She was born on 3/7/08. I didn't breed her one of my friends gave her to me. For only 65 dollars. She was about a month and a half old when I took her home with me. Violet is not yet aquainted with the other pigeons. Spends about an hour a day with the other racing pigeons (only girls in the pen for it is mating season). Every 2 weeks she stays longer in the pen that way she'll be able to train with them and I won't have to do a private lesson.

If Violet keeps this love up, she'll probably stay in with me all her life!

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DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

I want you to know that I published this so more people could get to know you and your pigeons. I hope your flattered!

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

I think it's so cool that you raise pidgeons. I don't know what you mean when you say racing pidgeons. Where do they race? From point A to point B? Who are the people you race against? Are there judges? Prize money? I know about homing it like that? You should write a hub about. I am interested to learn.

Thanks for a fun topic!

aaronmartirano profile image

aaronmartirano 8 years ago

I raised rollers and homing pigeons for years with my uncle and love your hubs thank for sharing

jim10 profile image

jim10 8 years ago from ma

Wow! that is a pretty pigeon. Why don't the ones in the city look that nice. I never heard of racing pigeons that sounds like fun but, I assume they just go straight and are probably hard to watch.

needful things profile image

needful things 8 years ago from Poland

Is that violet color natural? I used to have pigeon but a civet cat mauled it. She didn't die but had bothe of her legs broken. She lived for another month and just faded away... Thumbs up!!!

speedsking 7 years ago from Seattle

nice hub

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

Beautiful bird!

june688 profile image

june688 7 years ago

very beautiful bird.

Cheri 7 years ago

Love your beautiful pidgeon!! Perhaps you could help me. I'm trying to find a recipe for pidgeon milk...we've got a young pidgeon that was just rescued.

Any help appreciated!!


MagicStarER profile image

MagicStarER 7 years ago from Western Kentucky

Violet is simply beautiful! My uncle used to raise pigeons when he was in high school - he had lots of them, all different colors and types. Do you have any fantail pigeons? Are you really going to let her race? I would be so afraid something would happen to her! I lost my pet Cockatiel "Breeze" once, when his cage came apart outside, he flew away and would not come back. He was attacked by a flock of crows, even though I called and called him to "Come" for almost 2 days, he would not come down from the tree where he was... (People walking by probably thought I was NUTS, calling out "Come here! Come here!" to a big tree...)

Anywayz, Violet is very beautiful, thanks for sharing her. I have never seen a pigeon her color before, what kind of pigeon is she, exactly?

Jhangora profile image

Jhangora 5 years ago from Dehradun

Really beautiful bird. Never seen a Violet Pigeon before.

manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

WOW - Beautiful pics of the birds

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