The Three Sadest Movie Endings I've Seen So Far

I Sat Over Two Hours For This !!!!

I have this habit of not reading movie reviews for fear of getting too much information on a movie, thus ruining it for me. This is why when I write a review, I try not to give too much away. I wish I had read the review for these films, these endings were total bummers. I know there are many more out there, these are my top three:

#3 Million Dollar Baby- Directed by (and starring)Clint Eastwood as a small time boxing trainer approached by a female boxer (Hilary Swank), who wants him to train her. Morgan Freeman works at the gym owned by Eastwood, all three bring excellent performances to the film, which I really enjoyed until Swank's character gets injured. It's all pretty grim and downhill after that. Let's just say if there is a part two, Swank won't be in it...if you know what I mean.

#2 The Perfect Storm- One day The Perfect Storm comes onto cable, since I never seen it, I watch it. My older brother wanders into the room and joins me. I am really getting into this film, which is based on the true story of a crew of fishermen who want to go after this supposed amazing haul of fish in dangerous waters. George Clooney and Mark Walberg head the cast of characters. Now, because I didn't read any reviews, I have no idea this is a true story. So, these men are fighting this storm with everything they got, through like the whole film, and I think yeah!They're gonna make it !. Then it kind of just cuts to a memorial service, put together by the small town these fishermen were from. And I am looking confused, and I ask my brother( who has seen it before me) "uh,where are the survivors?". He looks at me like I am the stupidest person alive and says "there are none,they all died". Let's just say I had some colorful language (inherited from my father,may he rest in peace) to emphasize my unhappiness. And then he told me it was a true story. Everytime someone mentions this film in front of my brother and I, he looks at me and cracks up. He still thinks it was so hilarious. I am still not laughing.

#1 Into The Wild- Sean Penn directed this film, and did an excellent job, this is also based on a true story. No, of course I had no idea when I rented it. The cinematography was great, and Emile Hirsch did such a great job portraying the main character. The movie is about a man, Christopher McCandless(Hirsch), who graduates college, gives away his $24,000 savings to charity (unbeknownst to his parents), and hitchhikes to Alaska(which his parents were also unaware of). Now, I can handle the giving his money away part, and I think everyone should try taking journeys to different places (it doesn't matter what method of travel), but the not informing his parents or younger sister part is just crazy. As a parent, I really felt for his mom. He was gone well over a year, and didn't even try dropping the family a postcard, they had no freakin' idea where he was! Well, I guess he wanted to live his way, I don't think he planned on it ending the way it did. A great movie, but just too sad for me to see again.

Sadest Movie Endings

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Curdman profile image

Curdman 8 years ago from Lawrence, KS

I hate to criticize, but i agree with you in all cases, except for very different reasons. I'll allow you your opinion on the first two but for Into the Wild, i recommend you read the book, you will have a much better understanding of Chris, the movie does a little bit of romanticizing of him.

CINEMAniac profile image

CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago Author

Thanks for the suggestion, the books are usually a lot better. I will try to get around to it soon.

Tater2tot profile image

Tater2tot 8 years ago from ~~~

She should not have died in million dallar baby. I was really sad when I saw that! I haven't seen the others but I don't know if I want to now if they are the saddest endings you have ever seen.

I also answered this request. Infact I was going to put Million Dollar Baby on mine. But it didn't end up there. Go check it out:


glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

Oh Million Dollar Baby... the ending makes so many people sad or angry or disappointed, but for some reason I like that it wasn't a happy ending. It was very dramatic, but things go wrong and there's nothing you can do sometimes. It's in my top 3 faves!

... Now I just need to see the other 2 movies in your list...

CINEMAniac profile image

CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago Author

Thanks for your comments Tater2tot and glassvisage! glassvisage is right, things do go wrong, and not every movie can have a happy ending. I guess I read so many bad things going on in the world, that sometimes I want a happy ending in a movie. Can't wait to read both your hubs!

lisaj66 profile image

lisaj66 8 years ago from Arizona

Thanks for the great list. Alpha Dog was one of the saddest movies I've seen. I think because it's based on a true story it had more of an impact.

CINEMAniac profile image

CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago Author

I've never seen Alpha Dog, but I will, thanks for the suggestion, and for the good request. Happy hubbing!

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

Yes, I agree 100% with Curdman.  If you read the book you would understand it better.  I actually wrote a HUB on this called Don't Go INTO THE WILD without reading the manual. 

Regarding your style of video choosing, STOP NOW.   I know sound like a spammer here but I write a series of Movie Hub called the 100 Movies That'll kick your ass every time! and it is designed to keep people from having to rent and view bad films. 

Sorry for all the self-promotion and if you delete my comment i won't mind at all.  I just figured anyone who calls themself CINEMAniac would only thrive on this information.  Thumbs up and I'm joining your fan club now. 

CINEMAniac profile image

CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago Author

Thanks for your comments, I have learned a lot. For me, choosing a movie to go see mainly depends on who's starring, and directing. I won't care what any critic or hubber says about the film. A top twenty list is also an individual thing, I like dramas, but prefer comedies. I look forward to reading your hubs. Thanks for joining my fan club.

DJ Funktual profile image

DJ Funktual 8 years ago from One Nation Under a Groove

oh. if you don't care what anyone thinks then... hmmm. okay. good to know.

CINEMAniac profile image

CINEMAniac 8 years ago from Chicago Author

Your not listeninnnnnnng :D I clearly stated I don't care what anyone says about a film, if I want to see a certain actor(s) or I like a certain director, I'm going. Sometimes reading about a film before I go to see it, kind of ruins the experience for me. Me. Of course I care what people think, or else I wouldn't try to explain myself. But I enjoy your comments, and I care to hear the good and bad, it keeps me on my toes should I start to become too serious...oops..too late!

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