(Raw Sliced Fish)


500 g fresh fish such as salmon,

tuna and king fish

Japanese soy sauce


1 carrot peeled

1 daikon, peeled


1. Use a very sharp,flat-bladed knife to

remove any skin from fish.

Place the fish in the freezer,

chill until the fish is just firm enough

to be cut thinly and evenly into slices,

about 5 mm in width. Cut with an even

motion, taking care not to saw.

2. Arrange the sashimi pieces attractively

on a platter. Traditionally served with

Japanese soy sauce and wasabi.

3. Use a zester to scrape carrot and daikon

into long fine stripsor, alternatively,

cut them into fine julienne strips.

Garnish with the carrot and daikon.

Serves 4

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