Scratch Pancake recipe

Homemade pancakes are one of my family's favorite foods. The kids know it is Saturday because I make pancakes. We also have them for supper occassionally, as it is fast, easy and cheap. Oh and I get no complaints about the food when I make pancakes. Here is the recipe I use.

1 cup of self rising flour

1 tsp sugar

1/4 cup olive oil

1 egg

1 cup of milk

Whisk all together and drop on hot griddle by the spoonful. I always double this recipe and freeze whatever is leftover for fast breakfasts during the week. You can add things like blueberries or chocolate chips easily - stir them in after you are done whisking. For Halloween this past year I added food coloring to turn them orange and then added chocolate chips. The kids thought it was the greatest Halloween treat and it tasted so good! Chocolate chip pancakes are really yummy.

For a nutritional boost you can add wheat germ to the batter or substitute whole wheat flour for some of the white flour. I also make these successfully with rice milk for my daughter who is allergic to dairy. Homemade pancakes are one of our favorite meals.

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How to Make Pancakes 7 years ago

There's nothing like hot, fresh pancakes from scratch on a weekend morning. I like the idea of adding wheat germ to the mix!

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