Searching for your Soul Mate but Rejected by eHarmony?


Were you rejected by eHarmony?

Did you spend 45 minutes filling long questionnaires only to be told that you are not compatible and are in the 20% of people that cannot be matched? No one from the millions dating singles cannot be your soul mate?

eHarmony has rejected over a million people looking for love...

There is something wrong here... And not with the rejected people but with the approach of eHarmony. Lets have a look at what they do.

eHarmony is a computer software, purposely designed to reject certain groups of people:

  1. You are below the age of 21. This means that all people aged 18-21 are automatically rejected.
  2. You said you were married more than twice.
  3. If you are gay or lesbian. When you register, eHarmony has only two options to choose from: "a man seeking a woman" or "a woman seeking a man". So if you are not straight - you do not deserve to have a soul mate and happiness, according to eHarmony.
  4. You said you are separated from your ex. They assume that you are still married.
  5. If your religion is not Conservative Christianity your will be rejected! So, according to eHarmony, if your have different religious beliefs (level of awarenes) you cannot be a member of eHarmony and you will be rejected.
  6. You have scored low at the following "dimensions" as eHarmony calls them:
  • Self-Concept (how you perceive yourself)
  • Emotional Status (feeling happy, fulfilled and hopeful)
  • Character (honesty and trustworthiness)
  • Emotion Management: Anger (expressing negative emotions constructively)
  • Conflict Resolution (resolving issues).
  • Family Background (happy childhood and supportiveness of your parents)

As you see here, eHarmony has designed its software to reject certain people. We do not think this is fair at all. Just look at their "dimension - Family Background (happy childhood and supportiveness of your parents)". What about if your childhood was difficult one, with a controlling parent? Don't you deserve happiness as well?

Our biggest argument against eHarmony is that they rely on a computer software with some pre-set algorithm to find you a soul mate. The computer should give only information about the personality types, but NOT to arrange a match for you. Will you trust computer software or your own intuition and heart?

There are several established dating websites which will not reject your application/profile. Some of them are, and There are even FREE dating communities like which is a social networking site from a new generation offering the most advanced Internet technologies, like:

  • Chat (Instant Messenger for just text, Audio Chat and Video Chat)
  • Personality types test which will allow you to discover your dominant characteristics and why you behave in one way or another.
  • Internet Phones (VOIP) which allows you to talk to the other person for free over the Internet
  • MySpace and Friendster-like Frends module
  • MySpace and Friendster-like Groups module
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Photo Gallery
  • YouTube-like video sharing
  • And many, many more features...

Here are some links to free useful articles:

What motives people have when enter into a relationship/marriage? Avoid the traps:

Free site with lots of dating tips and articles:

We recommend for further reading the interesting article about the Personality Types:

Knowing your personality type and the type of your partner will help you enormously in the process of dating, creating a successful, long-lasting and happy relationship.

Been rejected by eHarmony? Don't feel low! Your happiness is in your hands!




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