Setting Swimming Goals


The longest swim begins with the first stroke: The stroke of the pen!

Get a pen and paper right now and write down all of the goals you have about swimming.

Yes, I know that you have them, but why do you need to write them down?

Let me tell you about some people. "A study of university business school graduates who had been out of school for ten years was conducted to determine how they were progressing towards their goals. Amazingly, 83 percent of the graduates had set no goals at all. This 83 percent reported that they were working hard and staying busy but had no specific future plans. Another 14 percent had goals, but their goals were mental, not written. However, this 14 percent was earning on the average three times the income of those who had no goals at all. Only 3 percent of the entire graduate group had written goals. That 3 percent was earning whopping ten times what those with no goals was earning." [SuperSelf - C.J. Givens]

The message: Written goals make a difference in your accomplishment! So...

Get a pen and paper right now and write down all of the goals you have about swimming.

For example:

Swim 1 length without stopping

Learn to breathe in Front Crawl

Swim 100 meters in under 2 minutes

Join a swim team

Finish a triathlon

Finish the Hawaii IronMan

Meet new friends who like to swim

So, now you have a list of goals... You should be really excited about getting started on your list of goals. The key to success is having a positive feeling about your goals. If you are not excited yet, start with a new blank piece of paper and start a new list.

Now, you have goals that you are excited about! Which goal is the most important one on your list? Which one will, when achieved will be the most worthwhile? How do you decide that?

Why is it important?

What will you gain as a result of achieving it?

How will it benefit you?

Did you hear the one about the 2 fish in the pond? One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. One day the blue fish was tired of being last and decided that he was going to jump out onto the land. How many fish are left in the pond? That's right. Two! Huh? Just because the blue fish decided he was going to jump out, doesn't mean that he did.

So, you've decided to achieve a goal. Now it's time to back it up. Write down the most important goal on a new piece of paper. Underneath it you are going to write five action steps.

go to the pool and register for a swim class

sign up for a private swim lesson to focus on a swim fault

get a 1 month pool membership

find a mentor - get a friend to commit to meeting you at the pool every day

get proper fitting goggles

Motivation is now in your hands. That piece of paper with your most important goal and your action steps is as far as I can take you. They say that "Carpe Diem" means 'seize the day', but I want to change it to 'blue fish day' and in terms of your goals then it is "Swim Time!"

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Hub-Ninja profile image

Hub-Ninja 8 years ago from in the midwest somewhere

great advice for new fish!

solomon  6 years ago

i love this kind of world we are living its all about flexing

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