Siamese Cat Training

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Among the many cat breeds, the Siamese cats are considered highly intelligent and can be trained. There are many benefits of training your cat to do tricks or to just learn a few things to do in your home. Cats that know tricks can perform in shows and other events while cats that know how to open cabinets in your home can easily be trained to retrieve things for you. Other forms of training are potty training and going out the kitty door and coming back in.

The question now is how to implement Siamese cat training onto your very own Siamese cat. There are a few things to keep in mind when you contemplate Siamese cat training on your own. Among these things are if you have the patience and perseverance to do so and if your cat is susceptible to training or any kind. You can find this out by trying Siamese cat training on your cat on basic things such as potty training.

Siamese Cat Training
Siamese Cat Training

Ways to Encourage Your Cat

You also need to know how to encourage your cat to accept Siamese cat training and to be happy about it. Using food for Siamese cat training usually works better than praise. Compared to dogs who can get motivated by praise, cats are easier to motivate with food. Most cats prefer liver or bacon compared to kitty treats but kitty treats are also doable if there is no liver or bacon around.

It is also a good thing not try Siamese cat training when your cat is otherwise preoccupied or is not interested, after a heavy meal or when it is in the middle of a routine. Some cats prefer to keep to their routines and there is actually no way of forcing a cat to do things that it does not like to do without any risk of conflict.

It is best to start Siamese cat training when they are still kittens. Using a litter box can be daunting for some bigger cats especially if they are used to going outside to do their business. Training cats not to scratch the furniture can also be frustrating for some homeowners and you will need to provide them with their very own scratching post for this.

Siamese cat training need not be an ordeal. There are institutions that you can enroll into have your cat trained in tricks or just basic training when going out. Unlike dogs, cats are not a terrible threat to people when they are untrained and you usually just train cats to behave well in the home.

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