Some Cheesy facts

lables and taste


First cheeses like goat cheese or Feta have far less fat and calories than cheese from cow's milk.

But they don't really have the flavor either. So to get all that cheesy flavor without some of the guilt remember that hard cheeses like Parmesan have far less fat and have concentrated flavor so a little can go a lot further with flavor.

Most fat free cheeses has little taste so by the time you put on enough to get the flavor you will have more, not less, calories. I haven't been thrilled with the cheese substitutes like Soy. Try some of the reduced fat brands and see if you like them; but remember that none of the fat free or reduced cheeses cook well.

One final note about all food labels when reading the % of fat read the fat lists if it says 7% fat but then lists 40% calories from fat it isn't 7% fat it is 40% fat.

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RGraf profile image

RGraf 8 years ago from Wisconsin

Good info.


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