Some Neem Home Remedies

History of Neem

Trees and plants have been used by humankind from time immemorial to combat diseases. Among many medicinal trees neem was given the prime position because of its ability to treat a wide spectrum of diseases. No wonder neem is mentioned in the vedas as 'sarvaroga nivarani' meaning 'one that cures all illnesses and ailments'. Even sleeping under a neem tree is beneficial and therepeutic. In India, even today you can find villagers brushing their teeth using neem twigs.

Neem the Sarvaroga Nivarani

Some Medicinal Uses of Neem

All parts of the neem tree have medicinal value. The root, bark, twigs, leaf, flower, seed and fruit are all used in treating vairous ailments.

A paste made of the leaves of neem and 'Bishops weed' is smeared on forehead and nape to cure post nasal drip.

Application of neem oil to cracks and fissures in feet and toes can heal Athletes foot. Neem oil mixed with turmeric paste is more effective.

Tender neem leaves and asafetida are ground to a fine paste and applied on bruises and grazes to heal them rapidly.

Drop a few handful of neem leaves into 5-10 litres of water and boil it. Use the water the next day to clean your hair. This prevents hair loss and kills head lice.

Neem flowers help improve eye sight. Take 15-20 gms of dried neem flower, preferably more than 6 months old. Saute the flowers lightly in ghee. This then can be ground to a paste and taken internally with milk. Regular usage improves eye sight.

The bark of neem tree is used as an analgesic to treat fever.

A paste prepared with neem and turmeric is effective in treating insect bites, skin diseases, even chronic ones.

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Neem Pics

Neem Flowers
Neem Flowers
A Neem Tree
A Neem Tree

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vaidy19 profile image

vaidy19 8 years ago from Chennai, India

Very informative. Thanks. Looking for more.


jshaiju profile image

jshaiju 8 years ago from Chennai, India Author

Thanks Vaidy19 for stopping by. One can go on and on writing about neem alone. Lots of research is going on the various medicinal aspects of neem. No wonder it is called a 'villagers' dispensary' in India!

Ali Nasir 7 years ago

An informative and healhty support for herb seekers.

shalini 7 years ago

hi ,,,

i have chronic sinusitis since 10 years

i studies somewhere that neem oil can be put into nose and it can cure even chronic sinusitis

can you plz let me know genuie neem oil which i can use and any side aeffects of it if any

Shana Bender 7 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information with us. Your blog is very interesting and informative.

Lauren 6 years ago

Thanks for the Blog! My hair loss began about three to four years ago and has progressively gotten worse. Over these years I have also noticed that my scalp is often itchy then i searched internet and blogs and most of net users recommends me herbal shampooing treatment I give it a try and results are really extraordinary.

impact 5 years ago

From the very beginning of recorded human history, people have used the mysterious Azadirachta indica or neem tree. Today, rural Indians call this tree their "village pharmacy" because of claims it "cures" diseases and disorders ranging from bad teeth and bedbugs to ulcers and malaria. The seeds, bark and leaves contain compounds called limonoids with proven antiseptic, antiviral, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and antifungal uses.

unknown 5 years ago

thanks for sharing your valuable information with us it is very useful

malik fadia 5 years ago

bundle of thanx on providing such gr8 information

S.J.Naveen Kumar 5 years ago


also in facebook....

homeremedies 5 years ago

Neem is really a great solution to many problems.I implement neem cure and get many problem vanished by using it.

Denisa 5 years ago

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The EU has just blocked our access to many herbal medicines, and already some household remedies are being taken off the shelves.

A new EU Directive came into force this week that erects high barriers to any herbal remedy that hasn't been on the market for 30 years -- including virtually all Chinese, Ayurvedic, and African traditional medicine. The EU Commission itself has recognised this is an over-regulation that will needlessly restrict consumer choice, but has done nothing to change it.

Please sign a petition!

Thank you

Brahmi 5 years ago

Wow..What a fabulous post i found here on the home remedies of Neem..This herb looks very useful one to cure the common problems..

khozaima 4 years ago

a very useful and effective remedy to improve hair growth and instantly reduces hair fall within a weeks time ..

make a fine paste of neem leaves in a mixer grinder and heat 1 bottle of coconut oil , add about 5 teaspoons of neem paste in coconut oil and keepit on low flame for about 20 mins . filter the oil and fill it in a bottle .

apply oil in head and massage for a minute , less then a week u will get amazing result

this remedy removes all dandruff from hair , improves hair growth , stops hair fall , and gives amazing relaxation and sound sleep . TYR it .. its very easy to make it at home

Neeta 4 years ago

I had a problem with my scalp, though I could not see anything, my scalp would burn and the roots of my hair were painful, a very uncomfortable situation. I checked with a dermatologist who said I had over-active oil glands and I was given two different shampoos- each to be applied on alternate days. I tried the therapy for a month. Imagine washing my hair everyday!

Unfortunately there was no improvement.

I had read about the qualities of Nee. I purchased neem Oil from my local drug store. Applied it once, and again once after two days. My problem (whatever it was) vanished. Even I am surprised!

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