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Before the advent of liposuction or suction lipectomy, it was difficult if not impossible to remove fat from certain areas of the body. But now there is hope, thanks to this new procedure.

Suction lipectomy is usually performed by a plastic surgeon who marks off unwanted fat to be suctioned. After a small incision is made, the surgeon inserts a long hollow tube or cannula in the area which removes fat. The overlying skin is then smoothed out and bandaged to prevent body fluids from going to the suctioned area.

Doctors say that no more than six to eight pounds of fat should be removed in the operation. The procedure, however, can be repeated to battle more bulges. Does that mean all fat people can try it?

Not so, the ideal candidate should be under 40 years of age, is no more than 30 – 40 pounds overweight, and has good skin elasticity and bulges which have been refractory to dieting and exercise.

There are also certain complications to worry about. These are also certain complications to worry about. These includes excessive fluid loss, burning and a tearing sensation in the operated area which may last for months, numbness or swelling of the area and unusual skin pigmentation. Aside from this, there is the possibility that the procedure might not work.

Since the long term effects of suction lipectomy are unknown, it cannot be ascertain whether the procedure will permanently remove fat or if this will return later.

The cost may decrease as more physicians learn how to perform this technique, but bad results may also occur more frequently as less experienced practitioners perform the procedure.

Before you do anything, see a competent plastic surgeon to determine if liposuction will work for you.

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