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Detoxification & Foot Reflexology


In Japan, many health practitioners use foot treatments containing wood vinegar and other natural ingredients for detoxification and alleviating ailments that range from general aches and pain to more severe health conditions. This simple external method of detoxification is based on the principles of foot reflexology, which recognizes that the sole contains reflex points that are connected to every part of the body.

The soles of feet contain more than 60 reflex points and life force (also known as "chi" or "ki") flows through these pathways to all other parts of the body. Any toxic blockage inhibiting the flow of this vital energy can cause you to feel under the weather or experience poor health. Applying wood vinegar foot plasters to the soles of the feet stimulates the reflex points, helping to dispel blockages and restore health. Wood vinegar foot plasters can also reduce the accumulation of lactic acid and tiny calcium crystals in the nerve endings of the feet, enhancing the free flow of energy to corresponding organs.

Detoxification & The Lymphatic System


Feet have a high concentration of lymphatic vessels which make them an ideal starting point for any effort toward detoxificatin.. Lymphatic vessels run throughout the body, draining toxins and waste from body systems and tissues. They also cleanse the spaces between cells and enhance the transportation of nutrients, oxygen and water. If the lymphatic system is blocked or congested, toxins, allergens and bacterial or viral debris can become trapped in the body, resulting in tiredness or illness. Detoxifying foot plasters stimulate the network of lymphatic vessels to encourage cleansing, and elimination of waste.

Some of the symptoms of a breakdown in the functioning of the lymphatic system:

Allergies Nasal congestion Puffy eyes Loss of energy Weight problems High blood pressure Excessive sweating Joint and back aches

Based On Reflexology


The soles contain reflex points linked to every part of the body. Stimulating these reflex points can help to relieve health problems affecting the corresponding parts.

Super Kino Plus Negative Ion works according to the principles of reflexology. Natural ingredients such as wood and bamboo vinegars, dokudami (the "poison blocking" plant) and agaricus are combined to stimulate reflex points on the soles which clears blockage and expels toxic waste from the body system.

It is an effective, safe and marvelously easy-to-use detoxification program that can help keep the body system cleansed and healthy for life.

Reflexology Chart

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