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Xeta - A real Cheetah


When I planned of buying a car a couple of year back, I searched for a good comparison of cars in my budget, but hardly found some impartial reviews and comparison. As I took a risk of buying a freshly designed car, I was not that confident to write a review on the thing at that time. Since I am using Xeta GLS for the past 2 years, I am more than 100% confident to write a review.

Class of the Car:

To start it all with let me first define the class of car. I would like to say that when the price of the machine is considered, Xeta will fit in the class of a small car like an Alto. If we consider the engine and performance it fit in the class of Wagon R and Santro and far better than an alto.


As per my knowledge Xeta has got 4 variants, GLE, GLS, GLG and GLX of which only GLX will come with a 1.4L engine and all others are 1.2L engines. Other than 200 CC engine scaling, all other variants can be easily upgraded to GLX class with reasonable cost. Power windows fitted outside are better than company fitted ones in all the vehicles in this class.

Comparison with counterparts:

First I would like to say is that, there is no need of a comparison between Alto and Xeta, because both are in different classes in its performance, or riding comfort or space provided. So Alto in my view advisable if you are a daily traveler of more than 50-60 km, ie for some office people who wants a less cost per km car.

Comparing to Wagon R or santro or an i10 I would like to say that, Xeta is almost delivering more than these cars. The things more you will get is independent suspension, a better a/c and last but not the least a lot more space than both Wagon R and Santro. Those who like to go beyond a 100 kmph, Wagon R becomes a bit difficult to control on curves, while both Santro and Xeta can be easily controlled even at above 100 km/hr. Thanks to the heavy body of these cars. . Power steering is a bit more smooth in a wagon r, since it is an electronic power steering, but at the risk of response time. Going for the full option with all power windows is not that advisable, since a high quality power window system can be fitted from outside with a price tag of around 10,000 rupees. For lady drivers who are looking for a small car, I would like to say that Xeta won't fit them. The only thing is that due to the bigger size of Xeta, a wagon r or an alto may be easily manageable for ladies. Comparing with i10, I'd say i10's top end has an edge over Xeta's top end model, but the price of i10 is still questionable.

Regarding the ECU, Xeta has a better thing since it is using 32-bit processor, you will get better tolerance and response than santro and wagon r. In a nutshell comparing to wagon R and santro you will get the following things more with almost 50k less.

1) Better pick up 2) Nice a/c 3) 32-bit Microprocessor controlled ECU 4) Integrated antenna (Only available in SX4 from Maruti, other than Xeta) 5) Better control and more space.


I know anybody who is viewing this review may be eagerly waiting for the mileage review. I can say that I have consistently got the mileage TATAs have promised me, that is around 14kmpl. It doesn't matter in what all speeds you are driving provided you accelerate the thing in a decent manner and your shifts are perfect. With 100% time a/c you can expect a maximum dip of around 0.75 km in mileage. With an average sped of more than 80 kmph while driving a 75 km country route in kerala I got a mileage of 14.5 with 70% time a/c on.


The performance is above average. Even if Xeta is having a 70PS power with above 100 Nm torque, the weight is playing an ugly game. Acceleration is not as expected from a 1.4L engine, but for sure will compete with Santro, and WagonR or Alto may cry behind. I have achieved a top speed of 155km/hr, but cases were reported were Xeta has gone above 165km/hr. Gear changes will not be a nightmare from now on, the high end torque which even beats Swift will let you gaze through the city on the 3rd gear. What more needed for a city drive ?

Maintenance Cost:

I think since I am using Xeta for the past 2 years, a review of it will not be complete without a maintenance review. My experience with my car's maintenance was not at all like what I've heard when I bought it. At that time there was a rumor that as a TATA car, it'll be more likely to have high maintenance. But my experience was different. For the past 2 years, I haven't spent a penny to change any engine parts or body parts other than the left side fog lamp, which my cousin had broken. May be the high maintenance rumor may be right for the Indica diesel version, as diesel engines are more vulnerable to maintenance.

After sales support and service:

Regarding the dealer, am not happy with the Tata dealers, since they just treat you like a taxi driver. My experience with my first two service centers was horrible. Now I am with my third service person, and I am getting a more than decent service. I am not mentioning the name here since you may think I am partial.

LPG conversion:

Indica Xeta is completely convertible to LPG with govt. approval. I am confident to say this because I have converted my car to LPG. But the only thing is that you must go for a high end gas conversion system since Xeta is a Euro - III (BS-III) engine. Otherwise you may lack performance and mileage. A more detailed review on LPG conversion will be added soon, since that is a big topic itself. I got almost the same or tightly saying around 85% of the mileage that I get on petrol and the pick up is a slight lesser than petrol.

Advisable upgrades:

1) Alloy wheels for smoother ride and better control - around 15-20,000 Rs..

2) Electronic power windows ( for those who are looking for GLE or GLS models)

To end up with, my final verdict is like Xeta is a sure bet for those who want luxury and performance in low budget. Now the decision is yours, is it advisable. Feel free to contact me for specific doubts.


Xeta at 160 + Video

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arlette 8 years ago

are these gas fitted Indica safe for driving??

plz let me know

Arun Sankar 8 years ago

Hi arlette, LPG conversion is proven safe for driving, provided if its a company fitted kit or retrofitment done by a authorised person. DON'T do conversion with a person without authorisation. If this rule is used, LPG is more safer than petrol, not only in Xeta, but any other petrol car. Do read more about LPG fittted Xeta on


vipin 8 years ago


I bought a new Indica V2 Xeta LPG and I'm now lookin to fit an audio system in it,but I'm not findin the place to put fit the rear speaker pad as there was stepny fitted.

Can u Suggest me some solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arun.sankar profile image

arun.sankar 8 years ago from India Author

Hi vipin....If you are not concerned about a bit loss of boot space, then yu can fit boxes inside boot to fit speakers... It'll giv yu better performance too

Karthik 7 years ago

Hi Arun, i am from coimbatore!!! I am in the plan of buying my first car and certainly in the decission of goin for the Indica Xeta LPG,but ya, i am bit confused with ppl telling comments regarding the maintainance and also abt the mileage, and i would also like to know the on road price for the 1.2L top end model,and can u plz tell me wat r the features which they offer for that!!!!!

arun.sankar profile image

arun.sankar 7 years ago from India Author

hi Karthik, am using it for the last 2.6 years... I haven't made more maintenance dan routine checkups and service... on LPG, am getting arnd 12-13 mileage and on petrol its around 14 km.... But de LPG version is giving arnd 15km on LPG itself. You just take a test drive, and you will feel the difference.

arun shankar 7 years ago

i am going to buy this car. i reffered with delars they said it s giving milage of 22 with petrol and 18 with lpg. is that true. waiting for ur reply

arun.sankar profile image

arun.sankar 7 years ago from India Author

hi.... actual mileage, what am getting is about 15 on petrol and around 12-13 on LPG. 22 and 18 are ofcourse a far cry. I don't think not even a single petrol car above 1L capacity can give such a mileage...

indica 7 years ago

Dude...160 on the Xeta is okay ...but compare it with even a zen...the zen will beat it in everything...top speed...pickup ...driving pleasure!!

The only reason the Xeta sells is because of its price and space offered.

vijay 6 years ago

All information povided is good for new car byers.

sathish kumar 5 years ago

hi arun i am sathish kumar from chennai,

Your upgrades are useful could you pls suggest more upgrades and its prices to make the car more comfortable and more over (is it suitable for long drive that car loaded with 5 persons)

Vinod  5 years ago

Hello dear just went through your Indica Xeta Review and an very much impressed. Pls do let me know which LPG kit you have installed. Is it a sequential or not. What was the total cost and the fitter. As I am also having Xeta-GLG model and am planning to convert it to LPG very soon. Thanks.... An early reply will be highly appreciated

Cyrus 5 years ago

Hello Arun,

I really liked you review, I compltelty agree with your points. and I I also own xeta GLG1.4 liter version.

can you please tell me what LPg ssytem should I fit in my xeta.

Amol deep Singh 5 years ago

Hello Mr. Arun , I bought Used Xeta 1.2l dec 2007 but found the car to be totally opposite than the reviews given here on net. My car delivers mileage of 10kmpl in city and the engine is very noisy. I've got my car serviced but still no improvements. Performance of the car dips with AC and the car faces some issues of shaking and jerking even at 1200-1400rpm sometimes. Can you Tell what type of the problem can be?

Nilesh 4 years ago

Dear Arun

The information is more usefule for me

but can you tell me what is the mileage on cng and what is the cost of the maintinence of cng of the caption car

shine.v.r 4 years ago


I am using xeta from 2006 but now i am getting some engine missing problem. Pls suggest me?????getting milage of 15 without a/c. with a/c its getting 10 only.

sheej 3 years ago

Hoepless purchase ever made...my Indica Xeta (2006) - have MAJOR problems: startup (specially in winters) + interior dash plastic has gone ALL sticky n dirty... NO service centre can recify..TATA has NO solution??!!!

REGRET..REGRET...Where r u Mr. Tata..where customers were THE only priority for u??!!

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