Ten Ways to Say I Love You


You know It's important to tell your lover every day that you love them, but just how do you do it without sounding robotic and loosing in your relationship? Here are ten ways to sneak "I love you" into your day.

  1. Get a window marker and write it on their car window
  2. Use a dry erase marker and decorate the bathroom mirror with your love
  3. Tape a love message to the underside of the toilet lid
  4. Slip love notes into their lunch sack
  5. Write a love poem and leave it up on the computer
  6. If your lover travels, stick a love note in their suit case. It'll be the first thing they find when they arrive.
  7. Leave a love note hidden in the house, and call to tell your lover to look where you left it.
  8. Slip a love note inside of your lover's favorite candy bar wrapper. When they open it, they'll find a surprise.
  9. Lost for words? Go to http://www.romanticprintables.com/ and get some ideas. They have printable love coupons.
  10. Leave it in sidewalk chalk in your lover's parking spot while they're at work

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Libsmommy profile image

Libsmommy 8 years ago

I love the toilet one, and I will have to check out the printables site. Good Ideas.

Marriage Counselors 7 years ago

All these are the nice way of telling “I love you” to your spouse. But sometimes marriage conflicts become so much worse to handle and at that time these things look disgusting. So now what to say, how to talk to resolve relationship conflicts? Marriage counselors suggests some communication tips when arguing is that- always use “I” statement instead of calling by name, be polite and take pause before saying anything, always compliment and praise of good things of your partner, try to touch your spouse with your soft hands while arguing and suddenly say something funny. Don’t put blame on your spouse even give reason that I can understand why you did this- it not your fault but its mine. All these positive relationship enrichment marriage advice help to resolve conflict spontaneously.


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