The Art of Face Painting

Face Paints

The importance of using proper face paints when face painting children's faces can't be stressed enough. I've listed a few reasons why buying face paints designed speciffically for skin is crucial as well as outlining the options and choices you have in choosing your paints. Hope this will guide you in the right direction!

  • Allergic reactions

It should go without saying that you need the proper face paints for face painting to insure that there is little, if any, allergic reactions. Precautions must be taken if a child has extra sensitive skin or a skin problem like eczema. It may be the case that you don't paint their face but instead colour their hair or paint a design on an arm or shoulder. When in doubt, act on the side of caution because your aim is to make a child happy not hospitalised.

  • Eyes and mouth

If you paint over the eyes and the mouth, you don't want to be using any paint that is potenially harmful or toxic as children have the tendency to rub their eyes as well as digest the paint when they eat. In some cases it's better to avoid these areas anyway especially if the kid looks like he wears most of his food instead of eating it.

  • What face paint choices are there?

The answer is many. There are more expensive brands as well as cheaper paints that are all made specifically for face painting with the above two problems in mind.

  • Colours

Black, blue, green, gray, orange, pink, red, white and yellow are the most common colours used and are available at shopping centres, craft stores and online.

  • Sparkles

Available is a broad spectrum of colours, sparkle paint can look fantastic and give that extra something to a design.

  • Forms

Paints can come in pastes and liquids and all are water based to make removal easier from both skin and clothes. It also means that there is no harm in swallowing the paints. The more water you add, the more washed out the colour will appear which can be used in good effect in shading and backgrounds. You can get face painting kits or in single bottles or tubes. Take care not to mix colours in their original containers. Always use a clean brush to transfer paint to a clean palette or surface.

  • Glitters.

Glitters are heaps of fun as long as they don’t contain aluminum. They should be created with the specific purpose of face painting to avoid eye or skin irrations. You can get any colour in both gels and a dry form.

  • My choice

I searched online for my first face painting kit and quickly learnt that it can be quite expensive when buying everything individually so instead I bought this Carnival Face Painting Kit with stencils, applicators and bottles of face paint in black, red, blue, green, white and yellow as well as smaller pots of paint in even more colours like pink and purple. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Once you have the right face paints then you can set your imagination free and create unique designs as well as the classics that are sure to keep any kid grinning. Good luck and happy face painting!


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