The Daily 3: Basketball Drills To Help Your Game TODAY!

Whether you are player or coach, improving hand/eye coordination and hand quickness can be worked on, and improved on at any level of play. Below I will outline 3 simple drills to do just that, and the progressions necessary to increase the difficulty of the drills. These drills come from the Pete Maravich Homework Basketball Series - and at the end of this article I have included a video clip with Pete demonstrating these drills with the great Red Auerbach in the late 1970's.

Unfamilier with "Pistol Pete" Maravich? Watch the video below to see a man who was decades ahead of his time. He could do things on a basketball court that we may never see again.

Then get started improving your game today!

Ricochet Series


1. Stand with feet wider than shoulder width and legs straight.

2. Throw ball from in front of you through the legs at roughly a 45 degree angle, and catch ball as it bounces behind you. Then throw the ball back through and catch it in front.

3. Repeat, trying to develop good coordination, rhythm, and speed.

Bullet Ricochet

1. Same set-up as Ricochet.

2. Throw the ball from front to back, continually trying to develop more speed and velocity on the ball.

3. Great for high level hand quickness and hand/wrist strength.

Space Catch Series

Space Catch

1. Hold ball in front, toss it over your head, and catch the ball behind.

2. Reverse the motion, and toss it from behind, and catch it in front.

3. Repeat trying to increase coordination and rhythm - keep feet stationary throughout.

Thigh Clap

1. Hold ball in front, toss it over your head, clap your thighs once, and then catch it behind you.

2. Repeat process, tossing ball higher and higher, working up to where you can clap your thighs ten times before catching ball behind you.

3. Great for high levels of hand/eye coordination and hand speed.

Knee Clap Series

Knee Clap - ball bounce

1. Bend over and hold ball behind knees.

2. Drop the ball, let it bounce once, bring hands in front and clap,and then catch ball behind before it bounces a second time.

3. Great for learning the coordination of the drill, and eveloping hand quickness.

Knee Clap

1. Same as above but now you must drop the ball, clap hands in front, and then catch ball behind before the ball touches the ground.



Now watch the great Pete Maravich demonstrate these 3 drills - and then start working on them to improve your game today!!

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how to increase vertical 7 years ago

Nice list, I'd definately agree with.. Thanks for the xcellent Hub! Its amazing... nice of you for sharing the good points..

Hawks Fan 6 years ago

Rare autographed 8x10 on ebay now. signed Pistol Pete.

Hawks Fan 6 years ago

Rare autographed 8x10 on ebay now. signed Pistol Pete.

Jason Roatan  6 years ago

I would start with practicing passing with a partner and dribbling. Shooting comes after that.

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