First Friday Art Show

The Need For Art

For the past year I have been attempting to live in a world utterly foreign to me. As a stalwart and extraordinarily stubborn youthful bohemian for much of my life I was willing to be a little hungry than work a job I was anything short of passionate about. Along the way from there to today I suppose I missed one too many meals or spent one too many nights trying to kill the vermin scurrying under my bed, because I finally broke down and took the plunge that I have watched many others take ahead of me. I dove head first into a job that I found boring, repetitive, and most important of all that I was woefully under-qualified to be doing. In short I walked from my beloved cafes and art halls into a corporate office. The drab carpet, white walls, fluorescent lighting, wood furniture all of the same hue and type. A cookie cutter world that I found both fascinating and repulsive in the same stroke. There were people there among the kindest and wittiest that I have ever run across, and there were people there wound so tight you worried if you would be around when they snapped. Slowly I found myself suckered into the spiral of watching the business channel everyday and trying desperately to fit into that world of dollars, spreadsheets, invoices, and revenue checks. A year later I was always tired and often inexplicably unhappy. I did not fit in with the world I was trying to live in.

Last night I began to find the answer, the need for art to traverse back into my life. Art is more than something we admire on dates to try and impress people, more than a classroom study, it is something that engages us and makes us feel fully alive. Free Friday is a wonderful Denver tradition, art galleries all around the metro area open their doors and invite you to come in and see what they have done, free food and drink with only a suggested donation sign up. As I worked my way down Santa Fe in gallery after gallery there were pieces that drew me in and made me think, not about my own sad story but about how wonderful things could really be, how much worse they could be, how transcendent the human experience really is.

To high-lite a few of the artists whose work gripped me personally I would be remiss if I did not talk at length about Brianna Martray. Here dynamic us of color and imagery conjured up hope and despair and that wonderful sensation in the pit of your stomach when you look upon that which is truly beautiful. Martray's work is on display at Studio G at 900 Santa Fe Dr. Derek Walter Grubaugh is just a few doors down where his unique style is all about stripping humanity to its base forms, an odd mix of the absurdly fun and off center tragedy that you will find yourself staring at for hours on end. There were hundreds of artists there, far too many for me to go through here, all different styles and mediums, a true something for everyone type of environment.

If you, like me, feel that hole in yourself, or if you are far wiser than me and already know how to fill that empty space then I hope to see you next month on the first Friday of February if not before then. Music, literature, paintings, theater, or in short art, is as essential to our survival as the work we do everyday in those offices all around the world.

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    My apologies for not littering this piece with photos of the pieces I saw but firstly, that would have been rude on my part to take photos of their work at their exhibition and secondly I did not realize I would be writing this piece and did not get the artists permission.

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