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All in the Numbers!

Sales is not the easiest job in the world, not by any means. But there are ways to make it a LOT easier.

If you have been in any sort of sales position, no matter what the industry, you have heard of the Numbers Game. I have heard about it in several completely different sales industries, so there must be something to the Numbers Game.

What does that mean, anyway?

Simply put, the Numbers Game is reducing your sales process, from start to finish, into a logical set of achievable goals that will allow you to make your sales quota.

To play the Numbers Game, you first need some numbers. They can't be pulled out of thin air, they have to have some basis in reality.

Let's say you are selling Widgets. You make your sales with an in person presentation in a customers home. The time honored method of finding customers is through telephone cold-calling and door-to-door knocking.

Your sales quota is 10 sales a month, but you need to make 20 to make a living.

20 sales in four weeks.

5 sales a week.

1 sale a day.

These are the easy numbers. You learned these numbers by studying your sales process. The rest requires some research.

What does it take to get one sale? If this is a type of sale you have done before, this is rather easy. If you haven't, try this method. Find someone making the same type of sale, someone who has been doing it successfully, but for only a year or less. Anyone doing it successfully for longer than that should be making a lot of repeat business sales, and those numbers won't work for you. Also, making your first few sales will give you some numbers to work with. But, don't count your first five sales. You were still learning your process, presentation and product, and these numbers are stacked against you.

After some research, you may have numbers like this:

1 sale takes three in-home presentations. To get those presentations, you had to talk to 9 slightly interested people. To find those 9 people, you made 100 phone calls and knocked on 50 doors a day.

Once you have those numbers, you have a road map of sorts to get you to the sales success you are after.

20 sales a month.

5 sales a week.

1 sale a day.

3 presentations per day.

9 slightly interested customers per day.

150 cold calls. by phone and door-to-door.

3000 cold calls per month.

The numbers will fluctuate as everyone has different skills. Some people are better on the phone, some have better success at door-knocking.

A word of warning. Base your efforts on results, not what feels comfortable. One of the best door-knocking salesmen I have ever seen, hated it with a passion.

The goal is to make sales. No one goes into sales out of love, the over-whelming majority do it to make money. If you are going to do it, don't do it half way. Throw yourself into it like your life depends on it. It does. Your sales life.

If you have never cold-called by phone, 100 to 150 phone calls a day can seem like a lot. It is actually a very easy number to reach. Elbows down, hang up and dial calling can crank out 60-80 dials an hour. I once maintained an average of 450 dials a day for several weeks. Door-knocking requires the same type of dedication. Door closes, speed walk to the next, door knock. Consistant movement, pushing yourself, is where over 80 percent of salesmen fall short.

I have said this before and I will say this again, sales is the easiest job in the world to get and the hardest one in the world to keep.

Go forth and sell.

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Curt-2008 profile image

Curt-2008 8 years ago from USA

This is exactly right. A lot of salespeople forget that you actually have to work the numbers consistantly and work the plan.

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