SALES - The Sales Equation

The best sales advice I was ever given.

One of my first sales mentors gave me a bit of advice that I have found invaluable over the years, and I would like to share it with you.

The Sales Equation.

Product + Presentation + Legwork = SALES

Product: Learn everything you can about your product. Availability, options, costs, discounts, features, benefits. . .etc. Never make a customer wait while you look up an answer, you are, and have to be, the expert!

Presentation: Know your presentation word for word, backwards and forwards, inside and out. Learn a long version and a short version. Learn an "elevator pitch", a 30 second presentation to get your foot in the door. Be able to present strongly in the perfect setting and when everything breaks down in the worst of conditions. You are the professional.

Legwork: Do the activity that will get you in front of your customers. Use the numbers. If 10 sales is your goal per month, then break it down;

10 sales come from 20 presentations, from talking to 300 people, found from making 900 phone calls. Put yourself on track to make those 500 calls. Whatever your sales situation, break it down to the activity that it takes to make your goals happen.

Sales is the easiest job in the world to get, and the hardest job in the world to keep. The difference between success and failure is the ability to do, daily, the parts of the job that are not easy, but will get you your sales.

Live long and sell.

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helpingall profile image

helpingall 8 years ago from USA

Where do relationships come into the equation?

Bittermac profile image

Bittermac 8 years ago from Manhattan Beach, CA Author

Sorry, I guess I focussed more on the raw overview. Relationships in sales are integral to all three elements of the equation. Good call, and a good idea for another Sales hub.

trentlee 8 years ago

One thing that I think is important to the sales process is that somehow you maintain in constant contact to past, current and potential customers.

I agree completely with your equation.

Paul McGouran 7 years ago

My sales formula is (S+K) x A x T = R

S - Skill

K - Knowledge

A - Attitude

T - Time (spent working)

E - Equals

R - Results


Carlo 3 years ago

wonderful resource..thank you so much!

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