The Seven Seasons of a Horsewoman's Life

William Shakespeare's As You Like It contains a soliloquy comparing life to a play, it goes on to catalogue the seven ages of man's life. The Hebrew Talmud is a record of rabbinic discussions pertaining to Jewish law, ethics, customs, and history. There is a verse describing the seven stages of human life.

The Seven Ages of Woman, by Hans Baldung Grien  Date 1544
The Seven Ages of Woman, by Hans Baldung Grien Date 1544

A Horsewoman's Life

In this vein, I have charted the seven seasons of a horsewoman's life. Each season forges a stronger spirit and appreciation of life.

Maybe you see yourself at some of these ages. What are your feelings, memories, hopes and dreams for each stage? I would love to hear your stories.

Happy Life.

Cute and Pink

A little baby girl is completely dependant. We cry and wail. We smile and giggle. We are cute and pink. We awaken. We are lovingly pampered and spoiled.

Little Frilly Girl

We learn to play. We feel the goodness in everything. We are instantly infatuated with horses. Our bedrooms become a barn full of breyer plastic steeds. Favorite game to play is winnying, tossing our mane, and galloping around. The pony can do no wrong. Eager to ride ANYTHING! (Hey mister! Can I ride your horse??) Eager to get as close as possible. Feminine. Share secrets with girlfriends and the animals.

Innocent and Sensual

Young and beautiful. Innocent and sensual. Becoming talented as a rider. Learns to be classy, sassy, slutty, flirty. Will muck and groom all day just to be at the barn and get a ride in. Many girlfriends yet there is that special close friend. Takes risks. Will ride any horse as fast as the wind and love it!

Mother, Nurturer & Protector

Caring and thoughtful and responsible . May take a husband and become a wife. May become a mother. Dreams about wild fun possibilities. Will kill to protect. Cares for family. Breeds a mare and raises a foal. Appreciates and knows the value of Home & Family. Knows how to love, pamper and spoil.


Confident, wise from foolishness of youth. Accomplished rider. Proud in achievements (or attempting) of goals. Realizes there is so much more to learn and know and experience. Rides well-trained horses. Has deep relationships. Moving from fertile to pre-menopausal. May be grandma for first time.

Gracefully Aging

Rides calmer and safer horses. Takes shorter and less challenging rides. Can watch and advise and teach those younger. We are living menopause and strong. Surrounded by grandchildren or youngsters.

Seldom Rides but remembers the fun!

Sits on the fence, watches and remembers. Able to share the wisdom of life. Still cares for the needs of her horses and family.

I would love to hear from you with your comments.

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Toni 5 years ago

Independent era but not (yet) accomplished. Hopefully there is still time though.

LeslyeAnn profile image

LeslyeAnn 5 years ago from Yoncalla , Oregon Author

I truely believe you WILL be accomplished!

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