The Bitter Truth

Tom Brady MIGHT be god. . .

I'm not saying he is.

I'm saying he MIGHT be. The man is flawless. Joe Montana-esk. Plus, I got him in a fantasy football draft this season, and he put me in the Super Bowl. I lost, but the guy is good. Hall of Fame good.

My brother's band is playing tonight. I would be there, but I am a thousand miles away. He had a band years ago and I used to go all the time. Hollywood, party time.

This is the brother that is flawless at most things he does. Doesn't matter what it is, does it perfect. Hard act to follow. I would be bitter, hence the name, but he is kind of cool about the whole superiority thing. Rare. My other brother is the same with accomplishment. GETS THINGS DONE. Obnoxious as all get out, but I kind of like the attitude. Like petting a badger, really neat, but might attack at any moment. Cool brothers.

But, back to me. I was always the loose cannon. The bull in the china shop that hated china to start with. Would have liked to have been better about the accomplishment thing, but suffer from a lack of focus. Maybe I am just lazy. That thought has crossed my mind. Except that I work about 65 hours a week and get twitchy when they won't let me work extra. Maybe lazy with a really good work ethic. That leads me to my father. The man IS the living embodiment of work ethic. Does not miss work. Master Transmission mechanic extrordanaire. Very little he does not know about most things. AGAIN, a tough act to follow. Married for 41+ years. That is a vague amount due to the fact that my parents are not sure WHEN they got married. They are, however, fairly certain that they DID, at one point or another, get married in Mexico. Got married a few years ago just to be sure. After 39 years, or so, the shack up was over.

My mother hates that line. I like it. Ahhhhh, mom. How to describe her? Phenominal is a start. Lots of diversity in her skills. Knows the most random things. Might be able to see the future. Thinks I am a genius. Very good for the ego, talking to her. Again, very tough act to follow.

With a family like this, is it any wonder I developed into an arrogant ego-maniac? It was either that or curl up in a corner and hide. Like swimming with sharks, you attack first and hope to god they don't gang up on you.

Oh yeah, back to Tom Brady.

Good quarterback. Nuff said.

This is not me.

Doesn't even look close.
Doesn't even look close.

Go ahead and whine.

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