The Karcher Power Washer-- A Girls Best Friend

The Electric Karcher Power Washer

The world of power tools has traditionally been a man's world. They've been holding out on us. The front of our house has white painted wrought iron grill work. It gets dirty, even moldy in shady areas and is a pain to clean. I have scrubbed it in the past with a brush and soapy water. It is hard, dirty, cold, wet work and no fun.

My son bought the Karcher power washer at Costco. It has opened up a whole new world of outdoor cleaning. That wrought iron can be blasted clean in a fraction of the time it took to scrub it -- and it looks better in the end.

Washing the exterior of the house can do a lot for its appearance. A friend asked me if we simply didn't have spiders, or if we did something to get rid of the cobwebs. We do. The washer is great for paint prep, or general exterior cleaning. It powers the crud off window screens, and prepares the exterior windows for squeegee cleaning. Patio furniture, cushions and frames alike, benefit from the concentrated powerful spray. Cleaning the driveway, the patio, walkway, even car tires becomes a manageable task.

The machine is pretty simple to operate. It can siphon a soap mixture into the spray if you want to add detergent, then turn off the soap to rinse. It has a variable strength to the spray for more or less sturdy surfaces. It must be attached to a hose and plugged into a power outlet, but can move a good distance before changing the hookups. The Karcher power washer is most fun to use on a warm day, because you will get wet from overspray and overhead use.

Most importantly, it can be operated easily by someone who has average upper body strength, women and girls included. I would rank this machine up there in usefulness with a power drill and a glue gun. Perhaps I will start investigating chainsaws.

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Webber profile image

Webber 10 years ago

I'm in the market for a power washer and will check Costco out this weekend. How many lbs of pressure? Will it shoot off a toe?

camedmondson profile image

camedmondson 10 years ago from Hollywood

MOM! I love it! You're funny and your writing voice sounds like you. This made my day. Call me.

glenna profile image

glenna 10 years ago from Burlingame, CA Author

I don't know the pounds of pressure, and it won't shoot off your toe, but up close, it will hurt it! The gas powered power washers are much more powerful.

wajay_47 10 years ago

I really enjoyed your hub and will be returning to see whatelse you write about. I used to own a Honda powered spray washer, 2400 psi, and it was a little terror! I loved pressure washing houses and fences with it. Very nice hub.

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