Things You Might Forget at Your Wedding

Useful Things to Have at Your Wedding

The hectic atmosphere on the day of a wedding is enough to affect everybody with jitters and forgetfulness. Here are somethings that may be needed at a wedding:

  1. Hairpins and safety pins. These are great for modifying loose gowns and clothes as well as loose hair and flyaway veils or wreath headpieces. Assign someone to carry these for easier tracking.
  2. Matches or lighter. Some wedding ceremonies need candle lighting. It is best to let the people assigned to light the candles carry the matches or lighter so that they will not need to look around for one when the part comes up. Ask someone in your wedding entourage to carry an extra match box in case the assigned person forgets.
  3. Snacks or a light meal. Before the couple, especially the bride, starts to prepare for for the wedding it is best to have a light agreeable snack or meal to last them until the reception. It takes several hours to prepare for the wedding (make up, hair and dress) and another couple of hours for the wedding ceremony.
  4. Handkerchief. Many people cry at wedding especially those involved in it. To prevent the risk of ruining one's make up and disrupting the ceremony to look for a handkerchief, ask the groom to carry one in his pocket.
  5. Give your wedding photographer a list of poses and people that you would like to be included in your wedding. Go over the details to be clear a few days before the big day.

These are small things that can be of big help on your wedding day.

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Xzigalia 6 years ago

Thank you for the tip! I always advise an extra pair of stockings in case of runs.

Wedding 5 years ago

Great post, keep update my friend :)

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