Things you must do when a loved one passes

A Checklist Of Things To Do After The Funeral


  1. Obtain copies of the death certificate. A copy will be required for a variety of legal and financial forms.
  2. Send thank you notes for those who sent flowers and donations or showed a special kindness.
  3. Meet with the deceased's attorney to discuss the necessary legal processes.
  4. Notify the insurance companies and file all claims.
  5. Apply for the appropriate social security, veterans benefits and/or pension benefits.
  6. Notify your accountant or tax preparer.
  7. Notify the deceased's stockbroker.
  8. Notify the deceased's bank.
  9. Notify the Department of Motor Vehicles to transfer titles on all vehicles, mobile homes and boats registered in the deceased's name.
Notify the credit card companies of the deceased. Contact the decease employer.

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