This Day in Rock Music History January 8

Elvis and Priscilla at their wedding
Elvis and Priscilla at their wedding

1973 - Elvis Files for Divorce from Priscilla

On this day in rock music history, Elvis Presley sued his then-wife Priscilla for a divorce. The two met in Wiesbaden, West Germany while Elvis was stationed there during his time with the United States Army. Priscilla's family - the Beaulieus - were there because that's where Priscilla's stepfather was stationed in the Air Force. She was only 14 when she met the iconic music star.

After a couple years of dating, Elvis asked Priscilla's family to let her live at a home in Memphis with his father and stepmother. The home was adjacent to Graceland. Priscilla, only 17 at the time, talked her parents into letting her move. Her stepfather agreed, but not before he flew to Los Angeles with her to discuss the guidelines with the Presley family himself. He enrolled Priscilla in the Immaculate Conception school - a private, all-girl Roman Catholic school in the area.

The two married May 1, 1967 at the prestigious Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. Exactly nine months later, their only child - Lisa Marie - was born on February 1. The couple separated in February of 1972, but the official divorce proceedings began nearly a year later on January 8, 1973. The official end of the divorce was October 9 of the same year.

1991 - Def Leppard Guitarist Found Dead

One of the lead guitarists for the popular rock band Def Leppard - Steve Clark - was found dead on his couch by his girlfriend, Janie Dean. The results of the autopsy showed that his death was the result of anti-depressants, alcohol and painkillers. It appeared to be an accident since no suicide note was found.

When he passed away, he was on a leave of absence from the band. The other bandmembers were growing more discouraged as they had repeatedly tried to help him with his drug problems. Everybody thought the best solution was for him to take some time off. However, the band's refusal to make specific comments about the subject have led to rumors that Clark was permanently fired from the band.

Clark's remains are in Hillsborough, Sheffield at Wisewood Cemetery. Another rock band - Tesla - recorded a tribute song to him called "Song and Emotion" on their Psychotic Supper album.

Eddie Vedder - lead singer of Pearl Jam
Eddie Vedder - lead singer of Pearl Jam

1995 - Eddie Vedder Hosts Late-Night Radio

The lead singer of alternative-rock band Pearl Jam - Eddie Vedder - hosts a radio show on this day in rock history. The broadcast was titled "Self Pollution Radio" and was carried on late-night radio from his home in Seattle, Washington.

The program consisted of Vedder playing some of his favorite music from bands like Sonic Youth, The Descendants, The Gits, Babes in Toyland, The Frogs and many others as well as some selections from Pearl Jam. In between songs, Vedder would make comments or talk with musicians via phone calls. He ended the broadcast by playing Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World.

You can purchase a bootleg copy of the entire show here.

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