Three Easy No-Sew Window Treatments

So you can't sew, but you have a bunch of bare windows that are making you crazy. These thtree ideas are perfect for you!

1. Tea Towels as Cafe Curtains

This is a simple, kind of old-fashioned look that would be perfect for a kitchen, breakfast nook, or informal dining room. Simply purchase a tension rod to fit your window. These don't require any hardware to attach to the window jamb. You simply adjust the length of the rod until it fits snugly into your window. Then, all you need are some curtain clips. These look like rings with little clips attached. The rings go on the tension rod, and the clips are what hold your tea towels or dish towels in the window, making them curtains. You can find cute dish or tea towels in any discount store or department store, but if you're into vintage textiles, this is a perfect use for those as well. Not only is this a no-sew solution, but it can easily be changed out as the seasons or your whims require.

2. Dressed Up Roller Shade

We've all seen those inexpensive vinyl roller shades that you can purchase to provide privacy or darkness to a room. They do a great job, but they're ugly. However, with a little creativity, these utilitarian items can become modern, fashionable window coverings. Purchase a roller shade and have it cut to the size you need. Now comes the fun part: deciding how to dress it up. You can purchase fabric to adhere to the shade, giving you soft, fabric window coverings. You can let out your inner Jackson Pollock and go wild with paint colors that match your room. You can purchase some stamps or stencils and use them to paint a custom design that will complement your decor. If you choose to go the fabric route, simply purchase some spray adhesive. Cut the fabric to the correct size, spray the adhesive on the vinyl shade, and smooth the fabric onto the adhesive. No matter which method you use, you can also get fancy by embellishing the shade with a tassel, button, or charm to serve as a shade pull. Simply tack or staple your embellishment of choice into the thin strip of wood at the bottom of the shade.

3. Place Mat Valance

This is insanely easy, and perfect for those windows in your home that have miniblinds on them. Blinds do a great job of providing privacy, but there's just nothing to look at. To add an easy valance to the top of these windows, simply purchase an inexpensive adjustable curtain rod and install it to the window frame. Then, cruise the table linen department at your favorite discount or department store. You can either purchase place mats that match each other, or look for two patterns that complement each other. To create your valance, just lay the place mats over the rod, adjusting it until you like the amount of place mat that is hanging over the rod. Most windows will work fine with three place mats, but some will need more.

With these three simple, inexpensive window treatment ideas, you'll never have to look at a bare window again.

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thewahlist profile image

thewahlist 8 years ago

I would love to see some sample pics of shades you have done. But your instructions work without pics. I think I may do a roll up shade for my lil girls room great idea. I am surprised I did not come up with it. LOL

seamus profile image

seamus 8 years ago

Ooo, I like the tea towel idea. Cute!

Another idea you is to use the Marete curtains from IKEA. They come with grommets and are easy to place over a curtain rod. You cut them to the length you want and then use an iron-on to make a hem. No sewing! =-)

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