Tidal Waves Precautions

Precautionary Measures against Tidal Waves

  • Not all earthquakes cause tsunamis or tidal waves. But some do. When you hear that a major earthquake has occurred in the Pacific Ocean, listen to reports from your local emergency head quarters.
  • A strong earthquake in coastal areas should be interpreted as a natural seismic sea-wave warning. Don’t stay in low-lying coastal areas.
  • A tsunami is not a single wave but a series of waves. If you have been evacuated as a result of warning by authorities, stay out of the danger zone until it has been cleared.
  • Approaching tsunamis are sometimes heralded by noticeable rising or falling of coastal ocean water. This is nature’s seismic sea wave warning and should be heeded by those in low lying coastal areas.
  • There is at present no way to determine in advance the size of tsunamis in a specific location. A small tsunami at one beach can be a giant a few miles away. Don’t let the modest size of one make you lose respect for all.
  • When warning is issued, a seismic sea-wave exists. The tsunami of May 1960 killed 61 people in Hawaii, who all thought it was just another false alarm.
  • All tsunamis like typhoons are potentially dangerous, even though they may not strike the coastal or damage each coastline they strike.
  • Never go to the beach to watch for a coming tsunami. When you can see the wave, you are too close to escape from it.
  • Sooner or later, tsunami will visit every coastline in the Pacific. This means that tidal wave warnings apply to you if you live in any Pacific coastal areas.
  • During tsunami emergency, your local weather bureau, civil defense, police and other disaster organizations will try to save your life. Give them your fullest cooperation.

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