Tips for Article Writing

“ARTicle” itself states it is an art of writing. Here are a few tips which have proved to be useful for me. Hoping these tips would also help you to enhance your article:

[1] TITLE.

An appropriate title can prove to be the cornerstone of your article. Before giving a title to your article keep in mind:

- It should not be too long.

- Should be catchy and grab the readers’ attention at once!


This is the most important part of the article & gives the first impression to the reader. It is like the cover of your article.

- Try to avoid long sentences – short & sweet works the best!

- Should grab the readers’ attention and arouse his/her interest.

- Should relate to the topic of the article.

- Opening your first paragraph with a date, location or a dialogue is a good idea.

[3] BODY.

The style of the article’s body should be maintained in the same manner as in the opening paragraph.

- It should contain interesting facts related to your subject.

- The information you provide through the article should be up to date (before noting facts and figures do check the last date the source was updated).

- Avoid too short or too long paragraphs; the length of the paragraphs should be varied according to the length of the article.

- All the paragraphs constituting the main body should be descriptive.


The article should be smoothly brought to end with a conclusion.

- No need to summarize your article in the last paragraph.

- Live your reader with some unanswered questions.

- You don’t need a number of sentences to round off your article beautifully in style.


Revise and recheck your work 2-3 or more times after finishing it, because a mere mistake can spoil your effort.

- Check and confirm the facts you included.

- Check the spelling, punctuation and grammar.

- Remove / Replace words which you feel do not suffice your article.

- Keep your article away for sometime and check it for the last time.

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gabriella05 profile image

gabriella05 9 years ago from Oldham

Nice hub keep it up

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