Tips on How to Please your Partner

Tips on How to Please your Wife

1. Always makes her feel special (feel needed and wanted) even if you are already in your silver years of marriage.

2. Don’t forget to say “I love You”.

3. Don’t forget special occasions such as her birthday or your wedding anniversaries.

4. After long days of work make sure you still have energy to hug and kiss her and listen to her story that day.

5. Be a good listener and not keep on sharing all your stories to her and let her be the listener all the time.

6. If you’re a computer addict make sure to find time with her like watching movies together and not just facing your PC all the time.

7. Find time for a bedtime talk.

8. If you don’t have a house helper make sure you help her from her household chores and not the boss all the time.

9. Make surprises like treat her to a dinner or giving her a bouquet of flowers.

10. If there is any argument make sure to settle it before going to bed and ask apology.

11. don’t leave her not reaching her climax during making love because you reaches climax first make sure she is also satisfied and happy.

12. Don’t open any topics that lead to argumentation.

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