To Breastfeed or Not?


So here I go again with my not so professional opinion, as stated any other hubs I am not a doctor just a mommy but that should count for something. I have give birth to 5 children and have tried to breast feed all for a little while. So here goes:

I decided to breast feed my first child because everyone told me it was the best thing for my baby. I did so for 6 weeks. I will discuss with you my pros and cons about breastfeeding even though I may not be considered a pro, since 6 weeks is the longest I have ever breastfed.

I knew that the first milk that comes through which is called colostrum, I think that is the way it is spelled, is full of antibodies, so I was glad to give my child anything that would keep him from being sick. Breastfeeding is very easy to prepare since there are no bottles to sterilize or make up. Here was the saving grace for me in breast feeding, Night Feedings. Everyone knows newborns sleep very little, when my babies would wake up for night feedings, I would lie my baby on its side facing me on my side and was able to still lay and rest while feeding my baby. Only problem with this is you may fall asleep and forget to change sides at which case I ended up at times with different sized breasts. So ladies, always remember to alternate.

More Pros, breastmilk is easily digested which makes for less stomach aches in babies. Also breastfed baby poop does not smell much at all, just an added benefit!! LOL.

Oh, and lets not forget, breastfeeding is FREE!!

OK, my Cons, I don't think through all five of my babies that I ever learned proper latching techniques, because I ended up with scabbed sore nipples everytime. So anyone trying, please have someone help you learn how to allow your baby to latch on properly because I can't tell you. I didn't like how long it takes to breast feed, it just seemed like my babies would never stop sucking and since I could not tell how much milk they got, I didn't know when to make them stop. I did not like leakage, It seemed like everytime I talked about my baby, my breasts were listening and thought that meant time to feed and would release milk all over my shirt, no matter where I was at. I did not like to breastfeed any public, kudos to all mothers that do, I respect your decision but I was just not comfortable with this. Most of all, I did not like the fact of having to remain so stationary, I like to be able to get up and do things, especially after I had my second child, it was very hard for me to be able to sit still and breastfeed all the time. And I could not hand baby over to dad for feedings because he has no breasts. So I did not breastfeed very long.

Breastfeeding is a personal decision each mom has to make for herself and her baby and I do not believe either way is wrong. It only matters what mom thinks is best for her and baby. I just wanted to give some down to earth insight into breastfeeding in hopes to help somone else in making there decision easier.

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bodana 6 years ago

I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who ended up with lopsided breasts and, stopped breastfeeding at 6 weeks. This day and age, we are pushed so hard to breastfeed that if you decide to give up before 6 months or 1 year, you are torn apart by guilt. I spent the second month of my babies life in constant tears because she would not latch on to my left breast due to low milk production on that side. I tried fennugreek, domperidone, and many other methods to increase my milk production on that side. I just ended up with a severly engorged right breast, and it turns out that my "fussy" baby is lactose intolerant, meaning if I continued

to breast feed, I would have had to go on a special diet. She is on soy formula now and is like a completely different baby its wonderful. So here is a message to all you ladies out there that are struggling like me to come to a decision to stop breastfeeding DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! ! Enjoy your little one time goes by so fast.

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